A large offer of swing gates to enhance your entrance

Swing Gates

AGD systems can manufacture, supply and install a large variety of swing gates, from smaller ones suitable for domestic use, right up to larger commercial security swing gates.

We offer remote control electric swing gates in a variety of materials and design styles, all produced and installed to the very highest standards. Most of our gates are made to measure and bespoke in some way for the individual taste and property requirements.

Whilst hinged entrance gates are still one of the most popular type of domestic gates installed in either a single or double leaf, the sliding gate system is always worth serious consideration for extra security.

Whether in steel, aluminium, GRP or timber - our gates are generally manufactured as made to order designs and sizes. We do offer certain styles in standard sizes for renovation or new build installations.

We have some systems installed over 30 years ago still operating today and that is what we strive for - professionally specified, installed and maintained security electric gates that last and offer reliability and total peace of mind.

Incorrectly specified equipment with cheap, flimsy manufactured gates will never last particular long as there are so many stresses placed on gates by the very nature of their purpose and size. Do it once, and do it right!

Underground or Above Ground Rams?

For hinged electric gate systems there are 2 main types of automation systems offered. Most of the various models offered can come in 24V or 240V models and have varying degrees of power output depending on the size of the gate and potential wind loading.

The gate size and wind loading potential will often decide the unit model required and the most common issue we see in DIY installations is gates which won’t work simply because the operators used are not powerful enough for the job or get damaged in the first real storm and the wind pressures on the gate.

Underground Gate Motors

You can have electric motor drive units mounted underground, attached and operating the gates from the outer lower hinge point at either side via a spindle and connection via a shoe type fixing...

These types of units will generally allow a far greater arc of operation (100-180 degrees) and are far neater of course being out of view altogether. They are also ideal when there is maybe a narrow entrance and every inch of opening is required when the gates are open fully.

Electromechanical and hydraulic units are offered depending on the weight and forces involved with the gates to be automated.

Learn More about underground gate motors.

Above Ground Piston Gate Operators

The overground system is a whole range of different electric mechanical or hydraulic piston type operators which mount to the back of the gate leaves and pull and push in either direction. These are more common and generally a lower price and easier to install without the need for ground works and other components as used in the underground units.

They are controlled by a control board mounted nearby which also incorporates the safety devices required for each different gate and its environment.

Most people will have 2 or 3 hand held remote handsets to open and close the gate with a coded pad externally for friends and family maybe. Intercom systems nowadays are pretty slick of course following the same lines of companies like Ring or Nest with wi fi enabled technology and linking to your smartphone for controlling your gate wherever you might be when someone calls.

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There are also above ground articulated arm gate operators for use on smaller and lighter gates generally and these can also provide a greater opening arc when required.

Whilst hinged swing gates are a very popular choice, it should be noted that there are certain circumstances where they are perhaps not the best choice. The first of these are places where space is at a premium for instance, and the gate opening would severely hamper usability of the area. Another potential problem is if the gate is to be installed on a slope, where the slope may not allow the gate to fully open. In these cases a sliding gate is clearly a better option.

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Some of the most specified swing gate designs in steel and timber are actually the same basic design when you undo the fancy parts. Most gates fall into around 6 to 8 basic designs and then there are variations on the theme within that design whether it is a flat top, an arched top or a swept top design.


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