Bespoke high quality gates available in various materials and a range of designs

Choosing a Gate Material and Design

AGD Systems offer bespoke high quality gates in various materials and a range of standard designs also in more limited sizes and styles.

The choice of material for your new gate will normally be something already decided by the style, period and general overall feel of your home along with perhaps matching other materials on the property. The design of the gate perhaps not such an easy decision..

Timber Gates

Timber is obviously far more traditional and generally we find customers either love and embrace timber or have to use it as part of the heritage or planning regulations for the property.

Generally you don’t sit wondering whether to have timber or steel, that decision is already made although sometimes certain designs of gate might be available in both materials and maybe cost might theb be relevant.

✓ Oak

✓ Idigbo

✓ Accoya

✓ Iroko

✓ Sapele

✓ Cedar

Key benefits of timber:

✓ Very durable if the right timber species and finishing is used. Timber can be repaired if damaged quite easily and certain hardwoods can probably outlive the property owner quite easily so the initial expense can easily be justified if you intend to stay in your home for a long time.

✓ Very flexible in the designs possible from basic 5 bar, traditional boarded through to complex designs incorporating other materials too.

✓ Visually impressive both inside and out generally giving a traditional feel to any property but also possible to have very modern designs and paint finishes too

✓ Very secure against forced attack

✓ Solid boarded designs give privacy, security and protection from the wind.

Just like so many products you do only get what you pay for and this is a massive issue with timber products. They can cause you a huge problem or provide you with many years of trouble free pleasure.

Do your research and be sure you are happy with the type of timber used, its origins for stability and what guage of thickness is used on the boarding and the framework giving the strength.

Buy cheap, buy twice….  Not a justification for a higher price but a fact when it comes to timber …


Steel Gates

Steel is one of the most popular materials when the gates are to be open in their designs using round or square bar construction. Our gates are nearly always of a far higher grade steel and use larger profile sections for far greater overall strength when complete.

Many traditional steel gate designs add great visual impact to a driveway but also offer great security too. Open gate designs are recommended where this a any chance of greater wind pressures in exposed locations letting the wind through the gates rather than fighting it full on and creating an issue with holding the gates closed.

Galvanised steel and modern powder coating techniques ensure longevity and durability in harsher environments. 

Wrought Iron

Actual ‘steel’ as opposed to ‘wrought iron’ as a material is quite different and not to be confused. Wrought iron is very traditional and very malleable and the original material for so many outdoor products over the years.

Incredibly detailed and decorative designs can be achieved with the wrought iron process.

It is an expensive and specialist process in the 21st century and therefore steel is the most common material for modern gate manufacturing however there are large differences in quality and it should not be taken for granted that one steel source is the same quality as another, just like many other products in construction.

Key Benefits of Steel:

✓ Excellent strength and security

✓ Endless design options

✓ Easy to cut, weld and repair when necessary

✓ Cost effective. Although there are massive differences between the price of a cheap steel gate and an expensive gate the differences should be obvious to the untrained eye...

Usually, and obviously, more material content is the main difference. i.e. thicker steel sections and profiles giving more strength and a better, stronger and more durable overall finish.


Aluminium Gates

Aluminium feels like the newcomer so often to the world of construction but it is a great material with slightly more finesse than steel perhaps with its ability to offer rounded edges and smoother visual appearance.

It is lighter than steel of course and can offer longer and wider straight sections without creating a huge issue with weight and therefore the connection and operation methods required.

We can offer many standard aluminium gate designs now many of which are similar design to timber gates with a combination of solid and open sections with curves and swooping top bar designs.

Key Benefits of Aluminium

✓ Overall weather resistance and stability

✓ Elegant designs and finished possible

✓ Lighter than timber or steel generally

✓ Low maintenance, almost none just cleaning occasionally and maintaining the paint finish

✓ Cost Effective

✓ Lighter weight also means less stress on hinges and associated mechanisms used for operation and therefore less power required to move the gates keeping the price down even more.

✓ Can almost replicate any designs on a timber or steel gate in either sliding or swing type operation.


Choosing a Design

Unless there is a specific requirement to match a design or tie in with a period for a property, the gate designs generally have about 8 standard styles and the variations form these depending on the material or size required.

Whilst we can offer pretty much any design you can draw a lot of gates are §required for a similar purpose which is usually keeping unwanted people and vehicles out or keeping children, pets and vehicles inside a property, safe and secure.. Security, Safety, Peace of Mind and Convenience and in commercial premises the same but also controlling the staff and visitors inside and out.