Whether you are single user or multi-user site there is no time like the present to secure your premises

Agricultural Gate Systems

Security of your Farm and buildings complex has never been so important. Unfortunately, this is a very real and sad reflection of the world we live in today with theft of machinery, diesel, vehicles and other items on the rise in rural areas. Security is now essential to prevent unwanted vehicle movement in and out of the farm complex.

Not much can be taken on foot so vehicles are nearly always involved and these have to be controlled.

Many farms still lack suitable security; some have diversified to include business offices and workshop units. This means the security and access control becomes more complex and will need some consideration to ensure the most suitable and scalable solution is chosen.

Basic farm gates do not keep unwanted pedestrians out and large metal manual farm gates are often left open for unwanted visitors to freely drive in and out without detection, often causing damage and illegally removing goods creating all sorts of hassle in the process – sound familiar?

As other premises around improve their security with good quality farm gates, less secure sites become more vulnerable to becoming the ‘next’ target.

Whether you are single user or multi-user site there is no time like the present to secure your premises, AGD Systems can provide a tailor made farm gates solution and offer a comprehension service, from initial consultation to installation and after sales back up – please give us a call on: 01933 229123 to arrange a free no obligation site survey/quotation.

Farm gates may be the one investment that will pay dividends now and for many years to come.

We offer a complete range of bespoke made systems and in the main as the openings are usually quite wide the sliding gate system is preferred.

We also offer cantilever gate systems and steel barriers and bollards specifically to prevent vehicles only. All the systems are made to order and can be almost any size whatsoever in order to provide the very best security.