Automatic Sliding Gates provide a unique and security solution

Sliding Commercial Gates

Sliding gates are perfect for most larger commercial applications and security and will inevitably be manufactured from steel for strength, security and stability for the larger sizes required.

A most common commercial sliding gate system is often a palisade design which will blend in with the surrounding perimeter fencing used.

A sliding gate in theory can be as wide as required as the basic systems use a slightly raised floor runner and rolling wheel mechanism, so the gate is supported entirely along its length as much as required based on the width and weight. The weight and stresses are spread out along the track and a sliding gate can be fairly effortless to move whatever the size, there is no deflection in the horizontal structures.

Because a sliding gate moves so easily the electric motor drives used do not need to be overly bulky or powerful and in most cases there will only need to be one motor, saving money and maintenance costs in the future. indeed the simple rack and pinion system used by an electric sliding gate is very low maintenance indeed.

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A sliding electric gate needs to be totally safe during operation and for this reason there is normally a leading edge safety sensor fitted designed to detect any obstruction during its travel.

Any sliding gate will have a pinch point just as it closes and this needs to be 100% safeguarded against potential injury, maybe someone trying to get through at the very last minute in a rush?

An infra red beam can also add a further layer of safety across the entrance area.

For some sliding gates using open designs in the gate leaf there must be a safety detection placed on the supporting post as well as the leading gate edge. It is best all round however to reduce the potential for entrapment in the overall gate design in the first place.


An endless choice of access controls exist for any electric gate system and this will depend on the application, number of employees, frequency of access, and so on. if there is a gate security building then the controls will be place inside for a security guard to operate. For some applications the access may be by a card or fob reader system so each individual employee can have their own control of access. Keyswitches, card readers, digital keypads, loop or radar detectors for exit control, even app control and integration into various software packages controlling personnel attendance. It all depends on the individual building and people using it.

AGD Systems can specify, supply and install a bespoke sliding gate system for most commercial applications as well as parking barriers and other access control products. All the sliding gates are made to measure and although there are standard designs, most gates can be easily manufactured to suit individual tastes or corporate design.

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