Automatic Sliding Gates provide a Reliable and Secure Access Control Solution

Commercial Sliding Electric Gates

Sliding electric gates are a perfect security solution for most medium to large commercial applications and as standard will inevitably be manufactured from steel or aluminium for strength, security and stability for the larger sizes required. Controlling staff, vehicles and visitor access. whilst adding higher levels of security 24 hours a day is more important than ever.
An electric sliding gate system with proper access control will provide this peace of mind and control all access to your premises.

A most common commercial sliding gate system is often a palisade design which will blend in with the surrounding perimeter fencing used in UK factories and warehouse environments.

Vertical steel bar gate designs are very popular in almost any size to prevent climbing the gate but also providing some vision and air flow to cope with much higher winds these days.

For less industrial applications we often supply 5 bar steel gates or steel sliding gates with designs incorporated to match the building or some other branding lead design for the company involved. We regularly deal with factories, warehouses, offices, car parks and schools, but have dealt with many specialist companies and requirements.

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Cantilever Sliding Gate Designs:

1. No need for a bottom track:
Cantilever gates don't require a track on the ground, which makes them an excellent choice for areas with uneven terrain. So many entrances to premises are not at all level so having no reliance on the ground levels at all is a great start to specifying a cantilever gate system.

2. Durability:
Cantilever gates are known for their durability and longevity. They have to be made with high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use.
A cantilever gate system is often a complete assembled unit in one and manufactured and tested as one complete unit, not separately assembled on site. This means confidence in the overall integrity and reliability through set standards for the manufacturing.

3. Low maintenance:
Cantilever sliding gates are relatively low maintenance since they don't have a track that needs to be regularly cleaned or maintained. No issues with leaves or stones, etc when you have high levels of traffic coming in and out.

Both sliding and cantilever sliding gates offer different benefits depending on your needs and site conditions. It is worth considering what features are most important to you when choosing between these two gate designs. The simple linked fact is however that a gate sliding sideways has far less stresses and strains than a gate swinging on hinges, so the overall longevity is longer and maintenance requirements lower.

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2. Options & Prices

We can walk you through various options available to you for the most suitable products and propose prices for your review. 
We can even do initial visuals on what the installation would look like.

3. Site Survey

When you are happy with the proposals and prices we would carry out a full site survey. Following final confirmation you can sign off, pay a deposit and we start the manufacturing process.

4. Installation

We will arrange a suitable installation date, complete a professional installation and commission. We will handover a fully compliant electric gate or barrier system for years of trouble free operation and with full service and maintenance back up.


With AGD Systems, you can be sure that you will receive not only an extremely high quality product but also a high level of customer service from the initial consultation to the final installation at your home or business premisses. We take pride in every project we undertake, ensuring you are completely satisfied.


Why Use Electric Sliding Gates?

1. Space-saving
Sliding gates are always designed to move horizontally, so they are ideal if you have limited space or a narrow entrance, but plenty of space to the sides. They also enable a vehicle to drive right up to the gate either side if driveway space is limited.

2. Security
Electric Sliding Gates are known for their higher levels of security even as a standard installation. They are difficult to force open or tamper with, making them an excellent choice for commercial or industrial properties, where the risks may be higher and the methods used to try to break in more sophisticated.

3. Convenience
Electric Sliding gates are incredibly convenient since they can be operated remotely with just a push of a button. This makes them ideal for busy properties. Partial opening also provide easy access for pedestrians and this can be a simple setting on the access control.

4. Durability
A sliding gate has minimal wear and tear issues as the gate weight is spread evenly along the floor tracking and with usually just one motor to operate the gate there is minimal maintenance

5. Simple Manual Override
In an emergency with power failure a sliding gate of any size is usually quite simple and easy to operate manually because of their smooth and simple action. 

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Any Size







Any Size - Made to Order

A sliding electric operated gate in theory can be as wide as required as the basic sliding systems use a slightly raised floor runner and bottom rolling wheel mechanism, so the gate is supported entirely along its length as required, based on the width, height and weight.
Most of our sliding gates are made to measure as standard and built to maximise the entrance width and final access.
The weight, stresses and loads are evenly spread out along the track and a sliding gate can be fairly effortless to move, whatever the size might be and for when the gate might have to be operated manually in a power cut situation.
There is generally no deflection in the horizontal structures involved so the operation is always smooth and reliable. Aluminium sliding gates are becoming more common and offer much larger sizes due to weight saving and modern manufacturing methods. They also offer greater resistance to corrosion in most cases and applications.


Available as either a cantilever or sliding track configuration, our commercial sliding gate systems use heavy duty steel RHS sections, stainless steel and heavy duty rollers and tracking and have the electric motor directly driving the gate through a heavy duty roller or rack and pinion tracking system. When the gate is closed it is in a steel C channel section and to force one of our sliding commercial gates would be extremely hard indeed.
With over 38 years experience or specifications and final build will ensure the very best security for your premises, regardless of size.

Electric Motor and Servicing

Because a sliding gate moves so easily the electric motor drives used do not need to be overly bulky or powerful and in most cases there will only need to be one motor, saving money and ongoing service and maintenance costs in the future. Indeed the simple rack and pinion system used by an electric sliding gate is very low maintenance indeed. For a cantilever sliding gate the system is still low on moving parts subject to wear and tear. The more modern aluminium electric gates save a lot of weight and therefore the stresses on the motor drives are less too, saving money on maintenance and even operational costs.


A sliding electric gate needs to be 100% safe during its entire operation and for this reason there is normally a leading edge safety sensor fitted, designed to detect any obstructions during its travel. Any possible entrapment points on the gate and posts also need to be covered.
The right gate design can often eliminate a lot of this potential issue, by not having open bar designs for example when there might be far more general public access nearby.

Any electric sliding gate will have a serious pinch point, just as it closes, and this needs to be 100% safeguarded against potential entrapment injury, maybe someone trying to get through at the very last minute in a rush?
An infra red photobeam can add a further layer of safety across any gate entrance area.
For some sliding gates using open designs in the gate leaf there must be a safety detection placed on the supporting post, as well as the leading gate edge. It is best all round however to reduce the potential for entrapment in the overall gate design in the first place.

Check out the Guide to Safety with Automated Gates for Schools for an insight into what is required in a commercial environment HERE.


A wide choice of access controls exist for any industrial sliding electric gate system and this will depend on the application, number of employees, frequency of access, and so on. If there is a gate security building, then the controls will be placed inside for a security guard to operate. For some applications the access may be by a card or fob reader system so each individual employee can have their own control of access. Keyswitches, card readers, digital keypads, loop or radar detectors for exit control, even app control and integration into various software packages controlling personnel attendance. It all depends on the individual building and people using it and to what level of control you need or want to go to.

AGD Systems can specify, supply and install a bespoke industrial sliding gate system for most commercial applications as well as parking barriers and other access control products.
All the sliding electric gate designs are made to measure and although there are standard designs, most gates can be easily manufactured to suit individual tastes or corporate design.

Commercial Sliding Gates FAQ's

What are the disadvantages of an electric sliding

The only real disadvantage for a straight sliding electric gate is the requirement for space to one side of the opening, or both sides, if you have a bi parting gate system. The space required is fairly minimal in depth, but obviously is the same length as the gate itself, plus about a third again. However, for most commercial security gate installation there is not usually a problem with space and the gate runs along the perimeter fence line for the opening.

Another disadvantage might be the ground track for some instances, but there is always the alternative of a cantilever gate system if this is a problem. A cantilever gate has no ground tracking at all and can cover very wide spans too.

An electric gate system is best when using a raised bar sliding system as this means the tracking has little chance of ever getting blocked. Properly specified and installed bottom tracking will work fine 100% of the time and should be slightly raised from the ground level.
If the ground isn’t level or very rough then a cantilever gate should be used

The disadvantages for a sliding gate are far less than other gate systems and overall they are the most efficient type of electric gate for security and convenience but also tend to have the least service and maintenance requirements.

How safe are electric sliding gates?

Any electric, automatic gate should have the correct safety devices fitted, without exception and these will depend on the gate design and specific final specification.

Effectively an electric gate is treated as a ‘machine’ in law and the electric gate should comply with The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.
A risk assessment based on the gate design, size and control methods should determine the best safety systems to incorporate and ensure the gate can never harm a person or cause damage when operating.

The gate should have systems in place to prevent the leading edge closing onto any obstacle in the path of operation and also systems in place to prevent entrapment during operation.
The simple facts and reasoning are that an electric gate will usually be operated by an impulse from a control to then either open or close automatically whether someone is watching the gate or not. If the gate encounters an obstacle then it should sense it immediately and stop or reverse. An infra red beam across the opening is one common method but with a sliding gate there is usually a leading edge rubber sensor also fitted which can help prevent potential entrapment too.

The design of the gate is often critical, but has to be a balance between practicality and aesthetics, but also assist with security too. So vertical open bars are common but have the ability to trap body parts but they also prevent climbing the gate more. Horizontal bar designs would make climbing over the gate way too easy..

AGD Systems have been installing electric gates since 1986 and will always liaise closely on all aspects of safety so the gate always complies fully with legislation and gives total peace of mind to the owner/operator of the gates.

Are Electric Sliding Gates better than Swing Gates

Obviously this depends on the individual requirements and site conditions but generally an electric sliding gate is better than most other forms of entrance and security control for domestic and commercial applications.

  • Compact operating requirements. With no swinging into or out from an opening there is more room internally to park and manoeuvre, because sliding gates usually following the line of the boundary wall or fence.
  • Telescopic sliding electric gates are available to use when there might not be enough room internally for one complete gate to slide.
  • Sliding gates are far better in high winds, simply because of their mechanics and general movement, with their closed position effectively clamping the gate leaf in place for maximum lateral resistance to wind and force entry attempts.
  • Electric sliding gates are far better for general security and forced entry attempts, far better than swing gates.
  • Only one electric motor is usually required for a sliding gate, so less maintenance and moving parts to service. This motor is also under less stress than a swing gate motor as it is moving a sliding gate which can move easily as a manual gate already.
  • An electric sliding gate is usually fairly quiet during operation as it smoothly slides along the ground track or in the case of a cantilever system, a few sets of rollers and tracking.
  • Far more suitable for very wide openings.
  • A sliding gate can be manufactured in steel, aluminium and also timber and almost any design can be achieved because of less reliance on structural elements and profiles within the design of the gate.
  • They are easier to install safety detection systems to as they only have one leading edge to protect from when closing.

Sliding gates have definitely been a preferred choice of gate for commercial applications since we began installing gates in 1986, but it does depend on the exact site layout and requirements.

Benefits of Electric Gates and Barriers in an Industrial or Commercial Environment

✓ Enhanced Security
Security is paramount for any commercial property, and electric gates offer a robust solution to ensure the safety of the premises. The gates come equipped with sophisticated security features like CCTV cameras, access controls, and intercom systems, which help monitor and control entry and exit points. This helps deter unauthorized access and protects the property from vandalism, theft, and other security breaches. Electric gates also eliminate the need for manual locks, reducing the risk of tampering or lock picking.

✓ Improved Aesthetics
Electric gates come in a range of styles, sizes, and materials that can be customized to match the unique aesthetics of your commercial property. They add a touch of elegance and grandeur to the premises, making a positive impression on visitors and customers alike. Basic designs are also popular of course for just practical security rather than anything else. Palisade steel gates for one example.

✓ Convenience
Manually opening and closing gates can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially in busy commercial environments. Electric gates, on the other hand, can be operated remotely, with the push of a button, or even through mobile apps. This improves convenience and efficiency, allowing employees and visitors to enter or exit the premises seamlessly, without any delays.

✓ Overall Health and Safety
Keep tags on movement of people in and out of your premises using simple but advanced access control systems logging all the entry and exit times for staff and visitors. Ideal for fire drill logging and general HR monitoring purposes.

✓ Increased Property Value
Installing electric gates on your commercial property can significantly increase its value, making it an attractive investment opportunity for potential buyers or tenants. The enhanced security and aesthetic appeal of the gates can be a major selling point for businesses looking for a simply better building overall.

✓ Cost-effective
Electric gates are a one-time investment that requires minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective option for commercial properties in the long run. They can also help reduce insurance premiums, as insurers often offer discounts for properties with heightened security measures.

 In summary, the benefits of installing electric gates on commercial premises are many, ranging from improved security and aesthetics to convenience, increased property value, and cost-effectiveness. If you are looking to enhance the security and aesthetics of your commercial property, electric gates are a smart investment.

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