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Manual and Electric Sliding Gates

Electric Sliding Entrance Gates

AGD Systems manufacture, design, supply and install electric sliding gates for driveway entrances in timber, steel or aluminium. We have been manufacturing electric gate systems since 1986 and sliding gates have been a preferred choice in most applications.
A sliding gate is a perfect solution to robust, reliable access control, convenience and overall security, mainly down to the very basic design and the method in which a sliding gate operates.

The electric motor drive for an electric sliding gate is simple, reliable and effective, with minimal strain on any components, providing maximum longevity and a low maintenance solution.
They are also super quiet when operating, something many customers are keen to learn.
Also, bear in mind for most electric sliding gates there is only ever one electric motor to maintain and service and one place to go to in the event of a power failure for releasing the gate for emergency manual operation.

An Electric Sliding Driveway Gate offers:
✓ Great option for shorter driveways - more space inside and out with no swinging in or out when operating.
✓ Best for overall security generally, especially against a physical forced entry attempt.
✓ Best domestic and commercial type electric gate system for overall performance and minimal maintenance on high usage entrances.
✓ Greatest resistance to high winds, greatest overall stability from the construction methods used and general tracking mechanism..
✓ Can be very wide indeed without any issues. The gate weight is spread evenly over the entire tracking system.
✓ Minimal stresses on component parts for longest lifespan with least maintenance.
✓ Very quiet during operation.
✓ Almost any design possible in aluminium, steel or timber

Automatic Sliding Gates

There are several obvious reasons for choosing a sliding electric gate system over other types.
If you have limited space inside your driveway or general entrance area, or maybe some other obstructions, then these types of gate might be the perfect solution. However, one of the main benefits of an electric sliding gate system is the greater levels of security it provides for any property or premises.
They provide maximum resistance to a forced entry over and above a basic swing gate system, which has a weakness in forced entry unless additional locking is incorporated.
An electric sliding gate has a section incorporated at either end where the gate is secured behind channel section steelwork, so lateral forcing of the gates when fully closed is almost impossible with normal hand tools or force.
Attention to detail is key with a sliding gate in terms of the correct groundwork and accurate level workmanship during installation. AGD Systems have carried out many hundreds of electric sliding gate installations throughout the UK since 1986 and often recommend sliding gates in as many situations as possible for the benefits they provide overall for most clients and their property.

Made to Measure Sliding Gates

All our gates are made to measure for individual requirements and for sliding gates this means the correct width for maximum benefits in access and correct height for visual impact and security.  The thickness of timber profile sections and the gauge of steel sections can also vary to cater for the difference in sized automated gate systems.
In aesthetic terms we can build our bespoke boarded timber gates using boards varying between around 60mm wide to 200mm wide depending on the dimensions of the gate
All our sliding gates are generally bespoke, because every single property has different factors involved, different designs for aesthetics, different sizes for driveway width and different access controls depending on the people using the gate. A sliding gate is relatively easy to manufacture in different sizes as a one piece or 2 leaf system and also can have a massive variance in design, simply because it doesn't rely so much on structural design elements like a swing gate does.

Access Control

Whenever you install electric gates on any property and it is the only entrance to your property from the outside, you have effectively moved your front entrance door to the entrance gate position.All access control and communication with the outside world has to be dealt with now at the gate position externally, so access control systems and communication methods are essential to get right.
The beauty of an electric sliding gate is you can have a pedestrian setting where the gate only opens to around a metre wide to allow pedestrians in but no vehicles. This improves security and is very efficient too.

Most access control for electric gates consists of a video intercom system with digital keypad integration for the entry of a code for access. For visitors they simply push a call button which can alert a mobile phone or other device which then allows speech and the owner to operate the gates if required. Cameras and visual communication overall is simpler now than many years ago and you can make your own mind up on the visitor and their intent. Most electric gates have a timed auto close facility, which is quite standard to make sure gates are kept closed at all times. This auto close facility does necessitate the use of safety devices to ensure there is risk of entrapment or crushing from the gates.

Steel, Aluminium and Timber Sliding Gates

We manufacture sliding gates in steel, aluminium and various high quality hardwood timber species, depending on design and size or any specific requirements to match with other materials on site
Iroko, Idigbo and Accoya are highly recommended timber species to manufacture gates from for their beauty of colour and graining but also for incredible stability, weather resilience and longevity. We can also offer gates in Oak, Sapele and Cedarwood.
Steel and aluminium gates are available in open vision designs as well as closed designs for total privacy and security.  Aluminium gates will offer many designs associated with timber gates and include closed boarding combined with open design.

Bespoke Design and Build

Most often we speak to customers about their requirements and get an image or 2 of their home and general design and layout. We then narrow down to some designs which work and suit the property for assessment. Once a design is chosen we can properly specify the sizing and dimensions for any parts of the design and provide a drawing for final sign off and approval.
We do show and offer some standard designs and sizes but this is rare to work with most of our clients who want the right width and height and design to make the most of security and overall aesthetics.

Cantilever Gate Systems

In most commercial applications a cantilever sliding gate system would be used, offering the same benefits of a standard tracked sliding gate system, but without the need for a fixed ground track to be used. A cantilever gate will slide open and closed using its own balanced sliding movement and the installation time for most cantilever gates is far less as they are usually preassembled.
When there is uneven ground or the need to have a totally smooth surface across the gate opening then the cantilever gate is perfect. We often install a cantilever gate for a domestic entrance where there may be issues with the ground levels too.

See our Cantilever gate page for information >

Electric Gates and Safety

Safety is a major concern for any electric entrance gate system as they are effectively large machines and when activated by radio remote control then safety and obstacle detection is paramount, as the person activating the gates can be out of sight of the gates. Electric gates, particularly larger swing gates, have great drive forces in order for them to close properly and therefore the potential for crushing or entrapment has to be controlled and prevented.
Having electric gates installed without safety detection systems is simply not allowed or an option from AGD Systems. Full compliance is essential as there have been many deaths from unsafe electric gates in the UK over the years.

Download GateSafetyPDF

We always ensure every single electric sliding gate is pressure tested for safety when obstructed during closing and opening. Every single gate also has a minimum of one safety device fitted whether this might be a pressure sensor on the leading edge or photo cells across the movement area. Whenever an electric gate can be operated via an impulse from a remote control system then a safety device must be in place to prevent entrapment or injury.
Even a relatively small, manually-operated sliding gate has the potential to cause injury; powered gates can be substantially more hazardous if not specified and built correctly.
The safety of our gates is very important, hence powered gates are classed as 'machinery' and subject to The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, which came into force on 29 December 2009 to implement the new European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
These types of gates are identified as a higher risk because of an open gate design, hence an entrapment hazard, will always have pressure sensors at either side to stop the gate if any obstruction is caught up in the gate when moving.

Designs and Styles

Sliding gates are suitable for a wide variety of applications, either domestic or commercial, so it is important that the aesthetics are suitable too.
Ornate designs for private properties or simply functional galvanised steel palisade gate designs to match in with fencing around warehouses and factory premises, all can be achieved with a sliding gate system.
Open designs are popular and allow free air flow and vision which may be required in many applications, close boarded timber designs or solid aluminium designs are all possible and we try to encourage a factory finish on all timber gates for maximum weather resistance and quality of finish.
Bi parting gates are possible and usually of equal dimensions to accommodate even larger openings or where side room might be limited.
A matching pedestrian side gate is quite often either necessary or a great further control of access to a property and the gates can be made to match the design of the main gate. Matching railings are also manufactured to keep a consistency in design, colour and material. Just ask and we can provide details of what is possible and the likely costs involved.
Sliding gates however rarely require the side gate because a sliding electric gate can have a setting to open partially and provide a pedestrian width access.


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