Safety is NOT optional on powered gate systems, it is mandatory

Safety Checks & Assessment

We are finding more and more often people with electric entrance gates are contacting us for advice on the safety of their electric entrance gates as they have been installed by trades people outside the automatic gate industry, using equipment bought online

Unfortunately, far too often the lowest specification of drive units are being used so end up being on or over their power limits and worse still safety is being avoided altogether…

We are happy to assist wherever possible of course and give an honest opinion on the basic requirements to comply with regulations in the UK on remote control gates. We can offer the installation of the required equipment to comply if it isn’t in place already.

There is a lot of information online about electric gate safety and the requirements, but a lot of it is common sense quite often.

You should never, ever have a remote-controlled electric entrance gate without any form of safety detection system incorporated to stop and reverse when an obstacle is met in the path of travel. Not having basic safety sensors breaks every basic rule going in one and could end up with serious repercussions if there was ever an injury or worse with the gates.

Further to the basic safety requirements are the issues of dealing with entrapment areas on the gates, especially with open design sliding gates where a limb, hand or head can be trapped with terrible consequences. The gate design can take a lot of issues out of the equation when it comes to safety of course and we can assist with all that detail when consulting with us.

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