The Neatest Swing Gate Electric Operation Solution - Smooth, Quiet and Tidy

Underground Gate Operator Drives

The neatest and quietest automation of swing (hinged) entrance gates is using the various underground drive units which are available. Neatly tucked away at either side of the gates and housed underground in a metal box these units can effortlessly power many different types of swing gates.

Underground Gate drive units are suitable for Timber, Steel and Aluminium gates.

We install a special bottom ‘adaptor shoe’ to the bottom corner of the gate which interfaces between the bottom rail and the motor drive arm. The Top Hinge arrangement incorporates an adjustable feature for setting the gates up and to allow for any future adjustment requirements.

Underground motors are often specified for ornamental steel gates because the motors do not impose on the overall aesthetic appearance of the gate.

There are two types’underground motors

a) Electro-Mechanical

b) Hydraulic

Both types can cover a wide range of gate sizes and weights – our surveyor will help identify the one that best suits your specific application. As with piston drive gate units the best motor drive is hydraulic as it is more powerful generally and has a longer term reliability with a smoother operation of electro mechanical.

Some very good electro mechanical units are however now developed and perfectly reliable if specified correctly.

The type and power of the units required is influenced mainly by the gate weight and size but also the potential forces from wind pressure, which of course is heavily influenced on the gate design and whether it is a solid or open design. A solid timber gate will simply act like a large sail in wind where an open gate design in steel lets the wind through.

Another great benefit using underground gate operators is the ability for the gate to open past 100 degrees and anything up to 180 degrees, depending on the model.

In many domestic entrances having the gates open right round and clear the entrance area is a great benefit for manouvering on the driveway with a vehicle.


Many higher end units offer self locking up to a certain size but for enhanced security electric mag locks can be added to the gate leaves working in conjunction with the motor drives and controls.

Emergency Override

All types of motors incorporate an emergency manual override feature so that gates can be overridden in the event of a power failure or emergency.

You simply use a key and release either the hydraulics or the mechanical drive to allow the gates to be pushed open and closed until the power failure or problem is rectified.


All high quality and well known branded underground gate operator systems will incorporate a force limit anti crush feature to prevent any potential accidents when closing.

However, other safety features may also be fitted depending on the individual installation details.