Steel Swing Gates

Traditionally referred to as wrought iron gates, most modern metal gates are in fact made from steel and occasionally from cast iron. Wrought iron is a specialist process and very time consuming and expensive indeed although a very fine method for the creation of period designs and used extensively since the 14th century in Britain.

Electric hinged steel gates tend to be of a higher overall specification than basic manual operated gates and therefore there is more weight and pressures involved on the supporting posts and hardware used. The best installations tend to be using a steel box section support post for the gate leaf and then this post can be either painted, cald or surrounded by brick or stone work.

The steel post and steel gate combination ensures longevity and stability through the rigors, stresses, and strains of daily use.

Why Have Electric Steel Hinged Gates?

The reason for having electric automatic gates in the first place is usually one of 3 reasons:

Security - Keeping unwanted vehicles and people out of your property

Convenience - Making opening and closing your gates from your vehicle as easy and convenient as possible to ensure they are always kept closed.

Peace of Mind - Keeping young children and pets safe inside you property, especially if you are near to a busy main road

Steel hinged gates are very traditional and offer you the most iconic designs seen on driveway entrance gates.

Generally specified in a pair and nearly always an open design they do offer the simplest solution to an automatic gate system for your home. Steel is easy to work into many designs and can be cut, welded and bent into shapes. Properly specified with a good galvanised process before painting they will offer many, many years of service and of course do not warp or crack like lower prices timber species can do.

Gate Designs

AGD Systems have a comprehensive range of standard steel hinged gates, with 8 designs usually ticking most boxes. Each of these is a unique design that will look impressive on a wide range of different properties, modern or traditional, 5 Bar Gates designed specifically for Estates and Farms

We do install a lot of 5 bar gates in steel, particularly for Estate and Agricultural entrances and for segregation of land areas. A 5 bar gate in steel can be a far better product than a cheap timber 5 bar gate, which has a far greater chance of failure due to warping and twisting.

The gate will be exposed to the full elements all year round generally as they exist in open countryside. Reliability and strength are the key factors as well as an open design to not have issues with high winds and a tough finish to battle the elements.

For any bespoke steel swing gate enquiries, or simply for more info, feel free to contact us on 01933 229123 or click here.

Matching Side Gates

When customer have swing gates there is very often a need for a pedestrian side gate for regular access without a vehicle. We can provide a matching steel hinged side gate and when the gates are automated then the side gate usually will have the intercom system and a magnetic release lock integration.

Always be aware, when you have electric gates you are basically moving your front entrance door and whatever happens with that to your gate entrance for friends, family, visitors and all other services. An intercom is essential and replaces your front door bell.


Our standard and bespoke steel swing gates are manufactured to the highest standards by an established local gate fabricator. Our steel gates are beautifully crafted and once fully welded and assembled they are cold galvanised to prevent future corrosion, which should give you total peace of mind when it comes to ongoing maintenance.

Hollow box section, solid section, flat, round or twisted bars, all contribute to the various designs possible with steel gates.

All hinges and associated furniture used on our gates are selected to work with the size and weight of the individual gates produced.


Most steel gates usually receive a satin black spray paint top coat finish, special colours are available upon request – please supply the RAL or BS colour reference number/description if required.

Finials can be left black of highlighted by a process called patination, this dry brush process subtly finishes the finials in gold, silver, bronze or Verdigris highlights.

Railings and Fencing

We can also create beautiful fence and railing designs to complement any of the entrance gates. So often raiing to either side of an entrance with gates need matching steel railings or infill sections to secure the perimeter completely.