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Parking Barriers

AGD Systems supplies and installs a wide range of different arm barrier systems, all of which are suitable for use in car parks as a solution to traffic management problems.

Car park barriers are the most wide spread method of managing traffic flow and parking in busy or sensitive areas. We can specify a high quality range of car park barrier systems to suit all types of applications, from private to commercial, including public car parks.

It is important to understand that car parking barriers are primarily designed to control traffic flow i.e. in and out of a car park, and not necessarily to provide security, and they will not easily withstand a heavy impact.

If high level security is the main aim, then one should consider other options, such as swing or sliding steel gates, automatic rising bollards, or rising kerbs, which are specifically designed to withstand a certain level of vehicle impact as well as providing a deterrent.

Perhaps your workplace falls victim to shoppers looking for a convenient parking space? Parking Barriers are extremely reliable and can create an invaluable deterrent outside of your commercial property. Not only do they make it difficult for people to park there who shouldn't, but it also manages the flow of traffic both in and out, and is likely to help ease congestion around the difficult rush hour traffic.

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AGD Systems supplies and installs the following range of varying high quality barrier systems:-

FAAC Car Park Barriers Range

FAAC 615 | FAAC 620 | FAAC 640

CAME Car Park Barriers Range

Gard | Gard4 | Gard8 | Gard12 | Cat | UniPark

AGD Systems provide free technical guidance and site surveys (depending on geographic location) to establish the correct barrier system, safety equipment and access control solution specific to your application.

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