Nothing can really beat the natural beauty, warmth and strength of timber.

Wooden Swing Gates

Specified for your entrance driveway gates they can make a truly outstanding feature for your home whilst offering all the security and convenience.

AGD Systems have been specifying and installing high quality wooden hinged gates for over 35 years now and have extensive experience in specifying the correct build specification and correct mechanisms for a lasting and reliable electric gate system.If you are looking for something special or a gate to complement the immediate surroundings wooden gates offer a great solution.

Our gallery shows only a small selection of gate designs available so please contact us for more examplesAs well as specifying new bespoke timber swing gates it is often possible to automate existing timber gates - so long as they are in good condition and have been constructed correctly and to a minimum specification able to take the pressures of automation - please contact us to arrange for a free site survey.


Most of our wooden electric swing type gates are manufactured to the highest standard by skilled craftsmen using traditional handmade construction methods. All gates are ‘ledged and braced’ with ‘mortice and tenon’ joints, all joints are spirit treated prior to assembly.

We offer a few different build methods depending on the style and size of the gates required, different pricing levels and totally different specifications, especially in the overall weight, design and thickness of the gate leaf.

Benefits of Timber Hinged Gates

✓ Strong and resistant to damage in hardwood species

✓ Environmentally friendly especially if sustainable species are used

✓ Easy to repair generally over other materials

✓ Grows more beautiful with age generally if maintained

✓ Beautiful designs possible not achievable in other materials

✓ Can be retreated or colour changed over and over quite easily when required

Properly specified and sourced a timber gate or door is a wonderful product and real value for money when the length of time is considered for its lifespan. Of course cheaper timber products can give timber a bad name, but for a professionally manufactured and serious set of electric timber gates, cheap timber isn't really an option anyway.

Finished Treatment

For factory finished gates Teknow system is often used as a preferred treatment and this is applied in the factory for maximum effect and durability over time.

Two to three coats of good quality finish stain are used on each wooden gate and if not factory finished products such as Sikkens or Sadolin are recommended.

Alternatively, for any timber hinged gates with an open boarded design, we can apply an oiled finish such as Danish, Tung or Teak Oil. Special colours are available upon request, however please supply the RAL or BS colour reference number/description.

Timber Species

Iroko - Most common timber for stability and durability

European Oak - A common request for the sheer beauty of the grain but a difficult species

Accoya - A modern and interesting timber process to get a very long guarantee

Idigbo - Another popular hardwood used in gates

West African Mahogany - Used sometimes and very beautiful when finished

Cedarwood - A lightweight but durable external timber option for gates

Wind Loading

If you are exposed to higher winds with your gate entrance positioning you may wish to consider ways to mitigate or avoid the risk of potential damage or failure caused by high wind loading situations. For instance, you may wish to revise the design of the gate to include open pales, perhaps you may wish to change to a steel gate with open rails or even consider having a sliding gate system.

Consideration of which make and model of operator will need to be taken into timber ornate gates with underground openers account. Some of our established customers living in an exposed location have opted to have their large timber swing gates held open with heavy duty metal stays until the windy conditions abate.

It is usual for larger solid timber gates to use the more powerful hydraulic piston type gate operators as offered by companies such as FAAC and Came as these perform better with the forces potentially experienced with solid timber gates in windy conditions. Very large timber gates have been installed with 2 electric operators each side for maximum efficiency and safety.

More open designs in timber such as the gates shown below can easily be installed with underground operator units and in many cases need to be so as not to spoil the beautiful designs in the gate.