Perfect solution when so many other mechanisms are impossible

Domestic Cantilever Gates

A Cantilever gate is a perfect solution when so many other mechanisms are impossible or difficult due to site conditions, generally because of sloping or very uneven ground conditions.

A cantilever gate is a sliding gate, operating sideways in one or 2 gate sections where the gate slides along without contacting the ground in any way and is counterbalanced at the motor drive side with additional gate length and weight. It is a great solution to provide a solid, reliable sliding gate which doesn’t affect the ground surface in any way across the opening.

Key features of a Cantilever Gate system:

✓ Secure in every way because of their fundamental design and mechanism

✓ Perfect when a very quiet gate is required in a built up residential area

✓ Reliable with a powerful motor with minimal stresses ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance even if there are high levels of operation per day.

✓ Less ground work generally, especially within the gate opening area

✓ Perfect for exposed entrances where high winds might be an issue

✓ Unaffected by issues with loose gravel entrances or when there might be debris or snow quite often.

Most cantilever gates are used in commercial and heavy duty applications because they can be manufactured to very wide sizes. We have installed many of these gates across wider openings such as found in agricultural or estate entrances but often larger domestic properties have also benefitted with this gate type.

We manufacture most of our gates as made to measure and bespoke in some way or another and can produce cantilever gates in steel, aluminium or timber.