High quality aluminium swing gates with extensive design options

Aluminium Hinged Swing Gates

We understand the importance of investing in a high quality electric entrance gate system that doesn't require constant ongoing maintenance, and that is why aluminium swing gates are a desirable type of gate for many applications.

Lightweight, Strong, Corrosion Resistant and Aesthetically Pleasing.

Enjoy the convenience of using your remote control electrically operated gate, whilst appreciating its visual appearance and high quality finish. All elements are perfectly coordinated with the aluminium posts matching the size of the gate chosen and in the same or contrasting colour but same superb powdercoat finish. The electric motors are available above ground, underground or built into the gate panels.

Aluminium gates probably offer the best value for money of any gate and the modern manufacturing processes for the better gates on the UK market ensure peace of mind, reliability and longevity from your investment.


✓ Almost any style, modern to traditional, standard or made to measure.

✓ 25 year warranties available and over 300 finishes

✓ Concealed electric motors drive options for the ultimate in sleek overall finish.

✓ Woodgrain finishes available and over 300 RAL colours for solid finish with smooth and textured options offering different gloss content

✓ Excellent alternative to traditional timber and steel gates

Whether you're looking to create a contemporary or classic appearance for your entrance, we have the perfect solution among our range of high quality, aluminium hinged swing gates. We have seen how increasingly popular aluminium gates have become throughout the last decade due to the ability to offer the widest range of designs, as well as their high quality and convenience.

Modern paint finishing methods have also established a product which can have extremely long warranty periods and little or no maintenance required, just a quick clean occasionally.

High Quality Aluminium Swing Gates from AGD

Design Options

Aluminium entrance gates are available in a huge selection of colours and woodgrain embossed finishes, creating a gate that complements its surroundings whether they are modern or more traditional.

Design options are vast, with over 500 styles available, including horizontal slats, vertical slats, curved tops, solid panels and a mixture of solid and open lattice designs. There is a gate design for every type of property in aluminium

We break the ranges available down into:

Timeless - Straight lines, curved lines, concealed or semi open sections. The Timeless range contains many of the great classic designs

Modern - Straight angles, clean lines and the customisable options where you can mix colours and even materials on some designs.. The Modern line range gives the opportunity for you to create a unique final design for your home.

Traditional - Inspiration from the wrought iron gates and from a long heritage. Luxury feel for your home.


Manufacturing & Durability

Our aluminium swing gates are fabricated from extruded aluminium sections, allowing for a wide range of design styles. Every one of our gates is hand-crafted and finished by highly skilled craftsmen in a factory with 60 years of experience. The gates are pre-treated and top-coated with powdercoating for further protection and preventing corrosion. Consequently, our aluminium gates require minimal maintenance, offering complete peace of mind in regards to ongoing treatment.

As a result of their low maintenance qualities, aluminium swing gates prove to be a popular and effective alternative to timber gates, especially as they can be coated with high quality woodgrain finishes, creating the authentic appearance of timber.

It is possible to specify aluminium gates with ‘built in’ motors in the gate post or gate stiles. Most of the aluminium entrance gates installed by AGD Systems have been automated by FAAC 770 electro-mechanical motors or FAAC sliding gate motors but there are many more which are more specific to the style and weight of gate and relevant to how far you want your gates to swing through their opening cycle. It is possible to open up to nearly 180 degrees if required.

Dove Gates aluminium gate range carry up to a 25 year warranty, subject to the specific manufacturer’s terms and condition of sale. The powdercoating will also have very long warranty periods with caveats on the colour fastness.

The Secrets of Dove Gates Hinged Gates

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✓ Plate-mounted hinges with the same powder coating colour and finish as the gate

✓ Handle with anti-scratch bolt

✓ Double batten system

✓ Central stop in stainless steel


✓ Track-mounted invisible hinges with the same powder coating colour and final finish as the gate

✓ A videophone or intercom connected to an electric door opener that secures your home.

✓ Aluminium posts with or without cloaking, with invisible attachments

✓ Aluminium cable conduit avoids the need for chases and provides a perfect final finish

✓ A brush seal for plain gates to completely block out light, perfectly adaptable to all pillar types

Arm-Mounted Automatic Opening Mechanism

Everyday Comforts

Operate your gate directly from inside your vehicle or your house, the very definition of comfort:

Hinged arms

Remote control

Obstacle detection device

Automatic Opening Mechanism

Aesthetical & Functional

An ideal solution for even the most complex situations, the invisible operator fits seamlessly into all configurations:

Pure aesthetics

Simple release operation

Automatic opening mechanisms integrated in the gate

Telephone Operated

Digital solutions for added comfort in your day-to-day life: use our dedicated smartphone application to open and close Dove Gates aluminium gates