All of the questions we are asked most commonly, for your ease of use

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we have compiled all of our most commonly asked questions along with some stock answers to make things easier for both us and you.


Which type of system is best for me?

This depends on whether you are having new installation ’or‘automating existing gates.

We like to have the opportunity to spend time with you to discuss the options, this usually involves the following considerations:-

  • Security
  • Convenience of use
  • Aesthetics
  • Privacy
  • Type of automation
  • Access to property


What happens in the event of a power cut?

All automation kits include an emergency manual override feature.

Most kits can be overridden from both sides of the gate, however some kits can only be accessed from inside, in this event, there are options available, i.e. remote control override from outside or battery backup systems which allow sufficient usage until power comes back on.

We will specify the one that best suits your specific needs.


Does the gate system carry any warranties or guarantees?

New Systems installed by AGD

Automation and access control system carry a warranty subject to the respective manufacturers terms and condition of sale. Typical period of warranty is two to three years from date of purchase depending on make/model.

In addition, we provide a warranty against faulty workmanship carried out by AGD installers for a period of 12 months for the date of our installation.


Our warranties do not cover existing automation/gates/posts/piers or associated items installed by other companies.

Batteries are not covered

Warranties are subject to our systems being serviced and maintained on at regular intervals appropriate to the frequency of use and application i.e. domestic or industrial.


Is my existing gate okay to be automated?

This depends on a number of key factors including, but not limited to the following:-

Type of construction


  • Condition of gates, posts or piers
  • Adequate working clearances between gate leafs
  • Suitable hinges and mounting brackets
  • Excessive drive way slopes
  • Distance away from the highway


Will my existing piers or posts be suitable?

We need to establish if the existing piers/posts are strong enough to withstand the continual forces applied by the proposed operators and any ‘potential wind loading’ which may adversely affect the gates, piers and posts.

If there is any doubt, we recommend either rebuilding stone or brick piers with suitable steel reinforcement or installing new steel or timber posts either between or behind an existing pier.

Just a note of caution – timber posts are subject to warping, twisting and splitting – our best advice is to specify steel posts – if aesthetics is critical, we can over clad the steel posts with matching timber board.


Will I need planning permission?

Quite possibly, but not always. Whether you live in a conservation area, have a listed building or not, our best advice is to always check with your local planning department.

Obtaining correct Planning Permission is your responsibility, it is better to be up front with the planning authorities than try to obtain retroactive permission after the event and risk a costly noncompliance.

Can you arrange for any of the building works?

We can include general ground works including post hole foundations, lifting/re-laying blockwork and ducting between piers within our normal scope of works.

However, where specialist civil works such as construction of piers, driveway laying, extensive ground works and new power supplies are required – we can usually put you in touch with a local company or one we have worked with on previous installations.


How long does it take to get a quotation?

We endeavour to provide an initial broad budget indication before we come out to survey.

If you have digital images and key dimensions, by all means email us first.

From date of survey we endeavour to provide a formal quotation within one working week.

Sometimes it is possible to email costs within a couple of days or so.


How long will delivery/installation take from order placement?

This depends whether it is an existing gate with suitable power available or a complete new installation.

Typical delivery/installation lead-times from order placement:-

Existing Gates/Suitable Power – 1 to 5 working days

Gate Express - 21 days approx

New Steel/Timber Gate Systems - 4 to 6 working weeks

Aluminium Gate Systems - 6 to 8 working weeks

Automation/Access Control - 'supply only '– 24 to 48 hours


What power supply is required?

This can be split in to two categories:

Domestic – Single Phase, 240 volt, 13 amp, RCD protected circuit

Industrial/Commercial – Single or Three Phase.

Note: Your electrician must be Part P certified and will specify the correct cable rating. All power supplies will need to conform to the latest IEE regulations.


Can I do some of the work myself?

By all means, our clients often undertake ground works and/or other aspects of the project within their skill capacity – we are happy to discuss the project requirements and agree on the scopes of works to be carried out by both parties.


How secure will my gates be?

It is important to understand that the primary application of adding gate operators is for convenience of use. Don’t assume that the gate will automatically be secure!

For instance, a rising vehicle barrier on a car park entrance is not for security – it is there for traffic management. If security is the main criteria, in this case, adding a hydraulic rising bollard capable of withstanding significant vehicle impact would be more appropriate.

Gate Operators can be forced to a greater or lesser extent – over a certain gate leaf width manufacturers recommend that a locking device such as an Electro-Magnetic Lock is employed to avoid the operator from being damaged.

A Sliding Gate System is usually considered more secure than Swing Gates; please feel free to discuss the merits of either system with our surveyor.

What is the range of the remote control hand transmitters?

Generally speaking hand held remote handsets can work from 20 to 30 metres away

Remotes (aka zappers, clickers, blippers etc.) work on a radio wave frequency - actual range will depend on various local environmental factors:-

  • Stone walls
  • Heated car windscreens
  • Weather conditions
  • Low Battery


Which access controls are best for me?

This can get involved as you need to take into account quite a few factors, our best advice is to start off and keep it simple!

Identify Primary, Secondary and Other or Unexpected Users.

Your new gate can be viewed as your front door – who do you want to let in – who do you want to keep out - how do you want allow them in and let them out again.

Primary Users – You, your family, close friends and relatives.

Suggestion – issue primary users with remote control hand transmitter – this activates gates from a vehicle or on foot.

Install a Code pad (aka Key pad) – issue a secure pin number to trusted persons

Secondary Users – Close neighbours, Postman, Wheelie bin collection, regular or arranged deliveries

For less secure situations the gates can be held open on a ‘timed’ basis during key periods in daylight hours and timed to close in the evening or night time.

Install a Intercom with or without Code pad– an intercom (voice only or voice and vision) will allow you to identify a person before deciding whether or not to let them in - issue pin number to trusted persons – this can be changed from time to time for security.

Other or Unexpected Users – Unexpected visitors – wanted or unwanted.

As above, although you may wish not to give out the pin number for the code pad.


What happens when visitors or deliveries come?

Install a Intercom with or without Codepad– an intercom will allow you to identify a person before deciding whether or not to let them in - issue pin number to trusted persons – this can be changed from time to time for security.


How do my visitors leave?

It may sound daft, but this question can easily be overlooked! There are a number options to consider both in terms of security and convenience.

You can let persons out by your remote control hand set, activate the gates from the house via the intercom, fit a exit push button, fit an exit code pad, install an induction ground loop set for ‘auto exit’.


Will the gate system be reliable?

Automatic gate systems should give you many years of satisfactory service.

Choose a reputable System Specialists such as AGD, specify a good quality automation system, follow the instructions provided for safe use and have the system regularly serviced and maintained.


Do you offer a repair and maintenance service?

Yes, in fact we have dedicated service and repair engineers to ensure your system is maintained to a high standard.

In fact the responsibility for ensuring the system is kept in good safe working is the end user – we can assist you in this by recommending a suitable service plan based on the type of systems and frequency of use.

We can offer you a service and maintenance contract or simply send you an annual service reminder letter.


Do you maintain systems installed by others?

Generally speaking, yes, however, before taking on a system installed by others we would want to check that it meets the current safety legislation requirements, if not we will make recommendations as to the necessary upgrades and likely costs involved.