AGD Systems delivering excellence since 1986!

Delivering Excellence since 1986!

Our history

AGD (Automatic Gates and Doors) began back in 1986, selling and installing automatic electric entrance gates for mainly domestic properties. We operated from a small office in the village of Finedon, Northamptonshire. We automated many existing gates and doors, but also specified and sold new, totally bespoke gates, posts and associated groundwork for our customers who required it. In the 1980s nearly all electric entrance gates were steel, and all the automation was using hydraulic piston rams fitted onto the gates, not much else was available mainstream. Most of our customers were large, detached homes or country estates and we operated around a 60 mile radius, carrying out a lot of work in North and West London and the Home Counties in-between.

From the humble beginnings we strived to always offer the very best quality and specification and alongside AGD we also set up The Garage Door Centre in 1987 to provide high quality garage doors and automation with a view to specialising from this move and each company to truly offer the very best products, service and technology as we grew.

We moved premises in around 1988 and acquired a small office and warehouse in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, perfectly central to the majority of central UK and easily accessible to all directions because of a growing road network.


Sliding electric gates became more popular and we also offered our own bespoke timber gate range for customers, usually constructed from Iroko hardwood, one of the best timber species available, still used today for many of our gates.

Underground automation equipment began to also become more popular and readily available.

In 1994 we made a major move to a much larger showroom and warehouse premises, still in Wellingborough. Where we could present a growing number of garage doors and gates to our customers. Today this is still our main showroom. We changed our name slightly in 2010 to reflect a large number of commercial customers and also incorporated as ‘The Electric Gate Centre Ltd’, a name we don’t currently use as we kept our original AGD name in place with ‘Systems’ added.

After a few years we outgrew our warehouse and took on a warehouse premises separately to our now expanded showroom. More recently in 2015 we moved into an even larger warehouse, with larger offices to incorporate what we refer to as the Dove Group, as we are now a group of family owned companies, offering far more than just garage doors and gates, but have always kept to our original drive and vision, to provide the highest quality products, always with compliance and safety in mind as most of our gates and doors are electric operated.

About us

AGD Systems are one of the UK’s leading electric gate and access control specialists.

We have provided high quality bespoke solutions for a wide range of domestic security entrance gates and commercial access control

First established in 1986 and have traded continuously now for 36 years and with all the experience and knowledge that this time period has given us you can be assured of the very best products and services.

We are specialists in the design, installation and servicing of automated gate and barrier systems and have been established since 1986.

Our electric entrance gate and barrier systems provide security, convenience and safety to domestic and commercial premises like.

We are centrally UK based in Northamptonshire and cover an area approximately 60 miles around us, providing high quality bespoke electric gate systems and commercial access control systems for business.

✓ Entrance Gates for Security and Convenience ✓ Parking Barriers for Traffic and Access Control ✓ High Security Commercial Gates for Business

✓ Pedestrian Gates and Fencing ✓ Automation of Existing Gates ✓ Bespoke Swing and Sliding Gates with Matching Garage Doors

✓ Specialist Gates with Folding or Rising Mechanisms ✓ Bollards, Rising Kerbs and Anti Ram Raid ✓ CCTV and Access Control Integration

Where Are We?

Our Head Office is in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. You can call us directly and speak to a real person who knows about gates on 01933 229 123 (Mon-Fri 9 - 5)

We are part of a family owned group of companies Dove Group who specialise in high quality bespoke products for home and industry. We have over 70 staff in total dedicated to offering the very best professional service and products to our customers.


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Our Location

  • 29-31 Stewarts Road
  • Wellingborough
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Market Sectors

We work with domestic and commercial customers, small and large projects alike, and always have done since 1986.

AGD Systems provide services to domestic, commercial and industrial premises with access control, parking barriers, security bollards and many other products offered to increase security and control for any company keen to reduce unwanted visitors and increase on site safety day and night.

We work closely with many high quality housebuilders to provide electric entrance gate systems for individual properties or shared parking facilities for apartment developments.

Call us

Call us on 01933 229123 and you will get to speak to either Rachel, Alan or Imre directly, our front line customer sales and service team. The only time they might not be able to answer is if they are all busy on other calls or it is out of hours, in which case leave us a short message and we will call you straight back.

Alternatively, you can also use our online Contact Form or email us directly from your own email with images, drawings, etc on

Tell us what you are thinking and the purpose of the gate or barrier, security or convenience, etc. and also provide an image or 2 so we can assess the site and options.


We provide a quotation for you with options to consider if appropriate based on discussions and requirements.

Rendered Images

We can also provide a rendered image of what the gates might look like. As this is a free service and carried out in house, we ask for patience sometimes as we often have many in progress for customers.


Survey - if you like the proposal and you are happy with the pricing, we will carry out a comprehensive site survey to ensure the correct dimensions are taken and a site risk assessment based on location, users and other factors. This helps us to ensure the right safety measures are included to make your electric gate or barrier compliant.

Final confirmation of specification and price would be provided.

To proceed, you pay your deposit, and the manufacturing process begins.


Delivery will take place anywhere from around 4 to 8 weeks depending on the gate or barrier specification and material.

We would book in the time required with yourself and carry out the work to then commission and handover a system which would provide you with many years of service. We also carry our regular maintenance and servicing as required for such large mechanical products, this ensures longevity and correct operation of automation and safety equipment.


Installation will take place at the time the product is delivered this will have been booked in with our sales team at the same time the delivery is arranged.

Safety and Specification as Standard

In a world increasingly operated by online logins and ecommerce ‘click to buy’ processes we know that this isn’t possible when the products need careful specification and are made to measure in every way. Sure, you will see a lot of online companies offering DIY entrance gates and automation equipment, but any entrance gate of a decent size is a serious ‘machine’ in the eyes of UK law.

DIY gates are lower quality, and the equipment is questionable in its long term durability. If you want a Design and Installation service carried out by a company who have done nothing else but this since 1986, then speak to us.

A remote controlled electric gate or barrier, by law, must have minimum safety standards and devices incorporated to comply and to give customers peace of mind.

Safety has been paramount in every product we have sold since 1986. Not only is it logical to have safety systems in place on any automated gate or door, which operates as a machine would do, but it is also a legal requirement in the UK.

Whether the safety is a simple infra-red beam or more complex radar detection, magnetic ground loops or pressure sensors, each individual gate system is assessed, and appropriate safety is specified. Whether the gate is on a private road or public road, and what users are allowed to operate the gate will also affect aspects of the safety systems incorporated.


Entrance Gates

We offer entrance gates in hardwood timber species specifically relevant to outdoor use in a climate like ours where there is high moisture content and massive variations in temperatures throughout the year. We also offer high quality aluminium and steel gates. Not lightweight DIY gates but proper guage profiles with welded or guaranteed jointing methods to guarantee longevity and the ability to offer much larger sizes.

The gates are all either sliding with a bottom tracking or cantilever sliding when the ground is not even or available. The swing gates are either single or double swing gates in almost any size. We also offer folding gate and rising gate systems for entrances with space issues such as in London or other cities or a cottage with limited driveway space.

Timber Gates | Aluminum Gates | Steel Gates

Commercial Gates

Our main commercial gate solution has been the sliding electric gate mainly because it has almost no limitation on size but also because they are very efficient in operation and need minimal maintenance. They also offer real security because of their mechanical design and sheer strength in design.

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Parking Barriers

We provide a wide range of parking barriers, bollards and rising kerb options for any type of commercial entrance. More commercial premises are needing to control the vehicle and personnel entering and exiting for security and safety.

We can offer bespoke solutions and also incorporate security fencing with the barrier solution and control is by a wide range of access control solutions depending on users.

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Automation Equipment

There are multiple providers of gate and barrier automation equipment but also many providers offering lightweight DIY equipment designed for low use and lightweight gates. It is imperative the equipment used is properly specified to work with the gate size, weight and potential wind loading. Commercial gates for example might need to open and close several times per hour and sometimes 24 hours a day, all year round. The motor needs to be rated to deal with that kind of activity and provide the power required constantly.

As mentioned, safety is also super important these days in a commercial environment, there are no shortcuts at all. The legal requirements are stated and out there so simply have to be understood and built into the automated gate system for everyone’s peace of mind and safety.

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