Where a Sliding gate isn't possible because the ground is uneven

Cantilever Sliding Gates

A cantilever gate is a gate which slides along horizontally and is capable of extending beyond its vertical support post. The cantilever gate is used where there may be issues with uneven ground or open spaces where the gate opens into and the traditional use of bottom track guides is not possible. If a track cannot be fitted across the entrance then a cantilever gate is also the solution if swing gates are not used. The gate is effectively suspended above the ground during operation and is counterbalanced at the back end.

The cantilever gate slides across the opening and then engages into a receiving vertical post stop which then ensures the gate cannot be forced or fall downwards. The use of various roller wheels holding the gate stable during operation is a key part of the design and the supporting post which the gate slides through is secured by a sizeable concrete foundation.

Key Advantages of Cantilever Gates

✓ Less groundwork overall required to install a cantilever gate.

✓ Perfect when the ground is uneven or sloping as the gate itself never comes into contact with the ground at any point.

✓ Perfect where the ground surface is either loose gravel or a surface not solid and stable.

✓ Unaffected operation when there is snow or debris on the ground. When regular traffic might disturb the loose ground or deris is frequently deposited the gate will not be affected.

✓ Very quiet and smooth operation. Ideal in or near to residential areas.

✓ Very secure with the combination of build and mechanism


Electric Cantilever Gate Safety

Most cantilever sliding gates will be electrically operated and the rack and pinion system is used for this with a motor drive fitted at low level driving the racking system fitted to the length of the gate. All sliding gate systems must be fitted with appropriate safety systems sometimes dependent on the design of the gate (i.e. open bar design or solid panel) and the environment in which it is used.

Open style gates will basically give more chance for body part entrapment, period. Safety features always include a leading edge obstacle detection system, infra red beams and anti entrapment features. AGD Systems have installed many electric cantilever gate systems in domestic and commercial applications over 38 years. 





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Durability and Reliability

Sliding cantilever gates have minimal stresses and contact points on the sliding gear, so  these gates are very durable with long life spans and minimal service and maintenance required.
The basic design means minimal stress and minimal forces to move the gate in either direction.
We find most cantilever gate systems ever have any operational issues and all have a simple manual emergency override in case of any power failure or other issue.


Most cantilever gates will be manufactured from heavy guage steel or aluminium as their main purpose is for security and the stability of these 2 materials is perfect for the gate at the very largest sizes. We can also provide timber cantilever gates if required, although we would always recommend hardwoods such as iroko, idigbo or similar, rather than the unstable softwoods. Often the best solution is to clad a steel framework to ensure stability and security long term, whilst giving the option for easier repairs and maintenance. The lighter the design of the gate the easier the whole system will be to install, whilst keeping costs down for groundworks and supporting steel work.

Ideal Usage

✓ Farm and Agricultural sites but also logistics warehouses and any car park or commercial property with high traffic volumes.

✓ Access control where the roadway is lower than the pathway either side

✓ Palisade fencing with gated entrances like storage unit facilities

✓ Factory and Warehouse entrances

✓ Entrances where a totally level ground is required for vehicle entry

✓ Forklift access

✓ Entrances with block paving or cobblestones which don’t want disturbing

✓ Any opening with an uneven ground surface which cannot easily be addressed.


AGD Systems can provide almost any design for a cantilever gate as there is no standard size, design or style. Flat top, curved top, open pattern, closed pattern, round bar, square bar, 5 bar, steel, aluminium or timber. The design may well be determined by the surrounding fencing or features but in theory any design can be accommodated within reason. Most cantilever gates are a straight top design to work with the mechanism and often because the gates are wider than the average opening.
Most designs are using a vertical bar design with square or round profiles. The open design will give vision and air flow, especially useful when the exposure to high winds is present, although the sliding gate action doesn’t rely on fighting the forces of the wind anyway.
Generally a cantilever design can provide a gate width of up to 10 metres wide with many standard designs but larger sizes are perfectly possible. The totally smooth and almost silent operation is also a benefit in many applications.


In most cases any form of horizontal sliding gate is a far better solution for physical security as forced entry from outside is very difficult when the gate is always held in the steel posts either side providing maximum lateral resistance. The rack and pinion automation systems used provide very good security against any forced attempts too.
The gates are stronger, the mechanism extremely robust and inaccessible too, this combination makes a very secure access control solution against most threats.

Access controls in the 21st century all have encoded transmission systems and any hardware used such as keypads or swipe cards also use the very latest encrypted technology.

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