Aluminium Gates

Electrically operated aluminium gates have rapidly become a highly favourable option within the AGD Systems range over the past decade, with vast design options allowing for both contemporary and traditionally aesthetic entrances.

Aluminium as a Quality Material

Aluminium gates provide a solid, reliable, low-maintenance and long-lasting foundation, all due to the natural properties of the material itself. Plus, it offers a recyclable alternative to timber as they can be uniquely specialised with a wide range of powder coated and high quality wood grain embossed finishes.

Aluminium gates carry a 10 year warranty subject to the manufacturer’s terms and condition of sale.


An underground motor can cut installation time by two thirds! Most of the aluminium swing gates installed by AGD Systems have been automated by FAAC 770 electro-mechanical motors or FAAC sliding gate motors. Aluminum sliding gate systems installed by AGD Systems have been automated by either FAAC 746 or 844 sliding gates motors, alternatively we have employed Came Practico BX/BK motors with the radio release manual override system.

Each aluminium gate is available with either a sliding gate motor for sliding gates, an above ground motor or an underground motor for swing gates. Underground motors offer a fantastic visual appearance without the foundation box in view and the motor is left out of harm’s way. This is prefabricated in the workshop and can cut installation time by two thirds!

Design Options

Each aluminium gate supplied by AGD Systems is available in an extensive selection of colours and high quality woodgrain finishes, creating an authentic appearance of timber.

Each aluminium gate installed is coated with a thermo lacquer finish in the following colours:

- 11 standard colours
- 7 beautiful woodgrain finishes
- Entire palette of RAL colours

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