Why Choose Aluminium Gates

Aluminium gates are the best option for homeowners who want a gate that requires little or no maintenance, is light weight, strong, and long lasting. When it comes to electric driveway gates, automated entrance gates or even your custom aluminium gates, you are sure to find what you want right here.

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Benefits of Aluminium Gates

  • Durability: Does not corrode, rust or wear away easily.

  • Low Maintenance: It does not require frequent painting or any treatment.

  • Lightweight: It is easier to control as well as putting less pressure on the automation systems.

  • Strength: Reliable design to increase security.

  • Versatility: These come in different designs, sizes and finishes to suit your requirements.

  • Cost-Effective: Durable and does not require cost a lot to maintain it for a long time

AGD Systems: Your Number One For Aluminium Gates Since 1986 

Since 1986, AGD Systems has been in business to provide standard and custom-made electric driveway gate systems. This is why we pride ourselves in our aluminium gates, not only do you get a beautiful entrance but one that is durable.
We supply and install a wide range of aluminium entrance that can fit into any architectural design and personal preference.

Our collection includes:

  • Contemporary aluminium gates

  • Traditional aluminium driveway gates

  • Modern sliding aluminium gates

  • Classic swing gates

  • Space-saving cantilever gates

Aluminium Driveway Gates

Our aluminium gates have patented assembly processes to ensure the very best stability and a rigid final construction. The innovative and patented assembly system allows the gates to truly stand the test of time without the issues you can too often get from timber and steel gates. The technology allows the provision of a 25 year warranty on the manufacturing of the products. 

Made of multi chamber sections the Meca Clav system gives the gates exceptional resistance and offers the sleekest models available on the market today.

High Quality Gates Made to Order for Your Home 

Besides the standard aluminium gates that we supply, we design and manufacture specially made aluminium gates for your home. Our custom design service allows you to be as creative as you want and to have a gate that will fit your house design and your personality.


Hassle Free Order Process

1. Contact us

Speak to us directly on 01933 229123 or submit an enquiry via our website. We are open for phone calls between 9am – 5pm Monday - Friday. If you have any drawings that you wish to send please use

2. Options & Prices

We can walk you through various options available to you for the most suitable products and propose prices for your review. 
We can even do initial visuals on what the installation would look like.

3. Site Survey

When you are happy with the proposals and prices we would carry out a full site survey. Following final confirmation you can sign off, pay a deposit and we start the manufacturing process.

4. Installation

We will arrange a suitable installation date, complete a professional installation and commission. We will handover a fully compliant electric gate or barrier system for years of trouble free operation and with full service and maintenance back up.


With AGD Systems, you can be sure that you will receive not only an extremely high quality product but also a high level of customer service from the initial consultation to the final installation at your home or business premisses. We take pride in every project we undertake, ensuring you are completely satisfied.


High Quality Finishing

Once the gates are assembled they are lacquered on an automated paint line, giving a guaranteed every time finish quality. The truly even and final finish achieved on the gates is second to none and allows a confidence to provide a 25 year warranty on the paint and a 5 year warranty on the colour consistency.

Dove Gates come with AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, a world leader in its field and all the standards provided with this coating have been developed over 30 years with original Interpon collections being used previously on prestigious buildings all over the world such as The Shard in London and the Tour first in Paris.

Perfect Finishes

Once assembled, we lacquer our gates on our automated production line, thus guaranteeing the highest quality.

Having complete control over our treatment and powder coating processes makes it possible to achieve an even finish in a wide variety of colours and textures.

Confident in the quality of our products, our paints come with a 25-year warranty and a 5-year warranty on colour consistency.


Dove Gates come with AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, world leader in its field.

All our selected powder coatings meet the main Qualicoat Class 2, GSB and AAMA 2604 standards and have been developed with over 30 years of experience.

The original Interpon collections have been used to decorate prestigious monuments all over the world such as The Shard in London or the Tour First in Paris.

Controlled Process

By combining high-quality aluminium alloys, reinforced chemical surface treatment and a powder coating process, we meet the requirements of the Qualimarine and Qualicoat Seaside quality labels.

The Secrets of Dove Aluminium Driveway Gates

Automated Metal Gates

Any of the aluminium gates can be automated, even the pedestrian side gates.

We have electric motors specified for the weight and size of each gate and also dependent on usage and how much of an angle you might need the gate to swing.

We have motors which are surface mounted on the gate leaf, built in underground for the gate to sit on, built into the actual gate leaf itself and for sliding gates they are generally a rack and pinion system with a gate motor seated on the floor on one side..

Safety is a main concern with automated gates and there are many ways to incorporate safety detection systems into the gate to suit the gate operation method and the site conditions.

What you have to prevent is any points of crushing and there are regulations on this in the UK.

If the gate is remote control operated then safety devices must be incorporated. Aluminium gates do tend to be better for this process because they are lighter in weight to start with so the forces are lower when moving.

AGD Systems began in 1986 only selling automatic electric gates so our background is solid in terms of our knowledge and expertise in the right solution to balance safety, practical daily use, security and reliability. An unreliable electric gate is a fairly useless and annoying item.. Bear in mind in so many cases when you add automated gates to the front of your home your front door is now your new electric gates, because that is where all visitors will arrive and leave and attempt to make contact and enter your home… You need to make sure it is all reliable and working when required.

Are Aluminium Gates OK for Electric Operation?

Absolutely they are! Because aluminium gates are lighter than steel or timber gates the electric operation is in theory easier and safer all round. Many aluminium gates which are sold as a ‘system’ to include the posts and all relevant accessories from the outset will be built with the automation in mind and appropriate additional fixing points in place to attach the relevant motor drive to.

Aluminium gates are perfect for automation whether they are hinged or sliding models and we can even offer gates with the electric operators built inside the gate framework itself, nothing on display to the outside world and less safety issues..

Can I Have Sliding Aluminium Gates?

Yes, most designs we offer are available as either swing or sliding gates.

Our sliding gates use a bottom floor mounted tracking with rolling wheels built into the bottom of the gate. Alternatively we can offer cantilever type gates when the ground levels are not suitable.

We also offer a sliding, 2 part gate when the side room is limited for the gate to slide into. This is 2 gate sections which overlap each other when opening to take up half the space of the full width when extended and closed.

Sliding gates also require one electric motor drive as opposed to 2 motors on a pair of swing gates and generally have less maintenance requirements over the years..

Can I Use Aluminium Gates in a Windy Exposed Area?

The simple answer is yes, that this is possible, but the gate design, operating method and size will be a major factor for deciding if there might be an issue.

A solid design and wide set of swing gates for example would have far more intense wind loading on the gate panels when closed than any of the open slatted designs. A solid design but sliding gate would not have the same potential issues of a pair of swing gates and the forces needed to keep them closed in high winds. Sliding gates will take a lot more wind load and are also better for preventing forced entry too.

So, yes is the answer, but it depends on the design and operating method.

What Colour Finishes are Available?

Whilst there are many standard and popular colours we can pretty much offer the aluminium gates in any standard RAL colour choice as well as some wood effect painted and laminated finishes.

The best aluminium gate finish is powdercoating and most of our aluminium gates can have a 25 year warranty on the paint finish with caveats on the stability of the colour fastness.

Certainly we wouldnt expect any further painting to be required with an aluminium gate once fitted and generally the same with the support posts or tracking on a sliding gate.

How Do I Maintain Aluminium Gates?

The best advice for a lot of outdoor building products in the UK is simply to keep them clean and for aluminium gates a wash down with a light solution of soapy water is the best and easiest option for keeping any potential corrosion or paint damage away.

Moving sections such as the hinges or pins used for automation should be kept greased but are generally very well protected anyway from the weather

Think of an unwashed car compared to a regularly washed car for an obvious comparison...

How Long Do Aluminium Gates Last?

Aluminium has always been a material used when corrosion is perhaps an issue with steel or other materials. It isn't 100% fullproof and corrosion can occur in certain but rare conditions, but on the whole in the UK it is an excellent building material for use outside.

We offer aluminium gates with up to a 25 year warranty and a lot of the longevity will depend on the environment the gates are operating within. Sea salt for example will rot most materials quite quickly compared to a normal atmosphere. Properly powdercoated or laminated aluminium gates will outlast most steel or softwood gates easily.

Aluminium is a great material for stability and corrosion resistance, so is a great choice when you find the design you require. Just check finer details once you have found your gate design and make sure you are happy with the accessories used to operate the gate too...

Are Aluminium Gates Strong?

Aluminium is deceptively strong when you consider the lighter weight of it. Many cars are built from aluminium and have been for many years. It is an easier material to form into complex shapes, especially when curves are involved.

It can be a very strong gate if it is made to a minimum standard but of course like so many building products in the UK, you pay too cheap and you will discover the reason for the lower price very quickly. There are different guages and profile sizes and for the larger gates above 4m wide you really need to do your research well.

Nearly all aluminum gates will be built from hollow section profiles and not solid sections as this isn’t necessary. The methods in which the profiles are connected is one of the main reasons for the overall integrity and sections simply screwed together for a fast turnaround on delivery usually won’t have the overall strength and longevity.

Is Aluminium Better than Steel for Entrance Gates?

Both materials have their own unique benefits and steel has been used for so many years now because aluminium processes like we see today were not available years ago. Steel is heavier than aluminium and can corrode a lot faster, even galvanised steel can rust in some key areas over time...

Aluminum is lightweight, but if specified and manufactured correctly is very strong indeed and the lighter weight gives benefits all round.

Aluminium can look a lot more refined than steel with rounded edges and curves and nowadays with the manufacturing processes can be made to look like either steel or timber, but is lighter and generally a better price whilst providing a longer lifespan with some gates having up to 25 year warranty.

Steel has its place and is mainly seen on gates with open designs, square or round bar designs. Aluminum can replicate most designs seen in steel or timber these days so is a very attractive option and always prefinished in a powdercoated colour, solid or woodgrain effect.

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