Residential Gates

Bespoke Gate Services from AGD

Create an entrance that makes the perfect first impression of your property. Whether your new gate from AGD swings or slides open, you can rest assured it will do so with ease and class.

AGD Systems are leading surveyors, suppliers and installers of high quality residential gate systems ideal for the home and driveway. Choose from our extensive range of gate designs and materials, including various species of timber as well as steel and aluminium. We primarily deal with both swing and sliding gates for residential use, however we cater for other markets also.

Swing & Sliding Gates

Having been working within the industry for over three decades, our team consistently maintains high quality skills and industry knowledge, and therefore provides us with the appropriate skills to determine the correct gate for every enquiry received. 

Swing gates are the most popular type of gate used for residential driveways in the UK, and AGD Systems have been installing hinged swing gates since 1986. Their popularity remains consistent, likely due to their traditional appearance and operation.

Sliding gates have experienced a sudden yet deserved soar in popularity in more recent years. With our wealth of knowledge in residential gates, we have fully embraced the additional safety, security and space-saving qualities a sliding gate offers.

An ideal solution where parking is limited and driveways are sloped, sliding gates are a convenient alternative and also only require one motor, so are easier and less expensive to automate. They can also be manufactured to very large sizes in steel and timber.

Quality Products & Services

We always aspire to only supply and install the very best quality automatic gate systems. AGD Systems generally differ from other companies because we constantly strive to ensure the system we specify and install is tailor made to individual requirements, and not just an off the shelf gate and system that doesn't quite achieve the requirements of the household, but 'will do'. Most of our steel, timber and aluminium gates are made to order, whilst the automation equipment is then specified along with any simple or complex access control and security controls. We also take the safety of automatic gates extremely seriously, avoiding the possibility of disastrous results in the future from misuse of the gates, or by accidental operation with obstructions from vehicles or worse still, human beings.


Residential gates are generally only ever constructed from four materials - Aluminium, PVC, Steel & Timber.

Each material's properties offer different advantages that prove to be ideal dependent on each application. For instance, if you're looking for a timber gate without the required maintenance, an aluminium gate with a woodgrain finish may be an ideal solution.

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