Aluminium Sliding Entrance Gates

Sliding electric gates are a great solution for so many entrance driveways, but sliding gates manufactured in aluminium are even better with all their unique benefits and features..

AGD Systems have been installing electric sliding gates to private and commercial properties since 1986 and know what is best for the application. The safety, reliability and security is all part of a combined package and integrating the correct elements into one system. Aluminium gates are a 21st century product, now ticking all the right boxes for an overall solution.

✓ Low maintenance alternative to timber and steel gates with minimal maintenance

✓ Neat, contemporary appearance but now also traditional, modern and basic models

✓ High quality construction methods for great durability and overall integrity

✓ Lightweight material, with less stress on mechanisms and components.

✓ Both modern, contemporary and traditional gate designs available - We have over 500 designs to offer in one range alone!

✓ Range of over 300 standard colours and woodgrain finishes for most gates.

After being incorporated into our electric entrance gate offering several years ago, aluminium sliding gates have proved to be a great success for so many applications, always creating a superb final appearance for every gate entrance we do.

Their smooth sliding mechanisms, effortless movement and durable construction often make a desirable alternative when compared to other gate types available.

Over recent years the manufacturing processes have enabled the creation of almost any design of gate to match your home and to be a worthy alternative to either timber or steel.

Timber and steel still have a place of course, but the emphasis has to be on high quality with either material or you simply end up with a fast degrading gate.


Convenient Solution

The side sliding mechanism is a convenient alternative to traditional swing gates where parking space on the driveway may be restricted, or where a sloping driveway doesn't allow for smooth operation.

Sliding gates are also generally far more reliable in the long run, with less overall moving parts.

We also offer a cantilever sliding solution when the ground is all over the place with its levels or there is no ground at all where the gate is to slide open into.

As with steel sliders, aluminium sliding gates can be either tracked or cantilever, and it is also possible to specify aluminium sliding gates as single or double bi parting leaf sliders.

We also offer a 2 part overlapping sliding gate system with 2 gate leaves sliding in the same direction. This solution is ideal when space is tight to one side, the gate leaves overlap each other when opening and extend to full width when closing.

Aluminium Electric Sliding Gates Benefits

✓ Lightweight material

✓ Strong when constructed using similar jointing methods to joinery made timber gates

✓ High corrosion resistance and very low maintenance

✓ No swelling, shrinking, warping or cracking like timber gates can do.

✓ Excellent smooth or textured finishes with up to 20 year warranties

✓ Almost any designs are possible with high levels of quality finishing

✓ Partial opening setting for pedestrian access without the need for a side gate

✓ High levels of security even in basic specification

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Style Options

Aluminium sliding gates continue to rise in popularity throughout the UK for endless reasons, a significant one being the array of style options available; with the possibility to replicate numerous gate styles, they are able to complement various styles of brick and property.

Our sliding aluminium gates can have matching pedestrian side gates and all the various support posts required can be matched in colour exactly too. We also can provide matching garage and front entrance doors in many cases as we have dealt with garage doors since 1987 in our group.

As well as a great selection of colours available, aluminium gates can also be specified with a wide range of powder coated and high quality woodgrain embossed finishes with very long warranty periods.

Durable, High Quality Alternative

Aluminium gates provide a low maintenance alternative to timber; they can even be manufactured to replicate the appearance of timber with the high quality woodgrain finishes available. Whereas timber gates require relatively high maintenance, aluminium gates offer design opportunities to achieve a similar aesthetic, with minimal upkeep required. In terms of style, aluminium gates are some of the most diverse, covering a huge variety of different styles and designs.

Aluminium sliding gate systems installed by AGD Systems have been automated by either FAAC 746 or 844 sliding gates motors, alternatively we have employed Came Practico BX/BK motors with the radio release manual override system.


A sliding electric gate system properly specified and installed will offer great resistance to attempted forced entry. When the gate closes the whole panel is effectively wedged behind 2 steel or aluminium posts so any lateral forces applied are resisted by the entire gate panel without a weak point.

Most electric gates are purchased in order to keep pets and children safe inside a driveway but also to prevent 90% plus of casual burglars looking for an easy in and out escape plan. The more serious intruder on foot or with a vehicle will need more serious resistance and a sliding gate immediately goes towards ticking the forced resistance requirements. Have the gate higher and have a solid gate design so it isn't an easy climb over.

Electric strike locks can be added to an automated gate system and for serious security you could also consider anti ram bollards in front of or behind the gate itself? AGD Systems can provide various resign security bollards and anti ram raid products..

We can also offer a wide range of customisable aluminum fencing and balustrading to match or compliment the chosen gates and colour.

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