Traffic Control System

Controlling cars, delivery lorries, motorbikes and now pedal and electric bikes is a massive problem in all towns and cities now. Parking spaces are becoming increasingly precious, and many people will take higher risks to nab a space for parking near their destination.

Controlling traffic into and out of a private car park or building is essential and depending on the number of times per day the barrier or gate is required to operate will dictate the speed, power and specification of the equipment required.

The most common methods for vehicle access management in open car parks are Rising Barriers of varying shapes and designs, but also Sliding Electric Gates and Rising Bollards.

For underground and smaller enclosed car parks in buildings there are also a wide range of roller shutters and rolling grilles, but also now high-speed spiral doors operating up and down in seconds for efficient movement of traffic.

Traffic management is a growing requirement in a vast number of sectors.

One of the most obvious is commercial applications. This can include things such as office complexes or shopping centres, with dedicated car park spaces and traffic flow implications.

Domestic settings are also beginning to increase their demand for these products, with new build and renovated domestic applications requiring secure parking, such as housing complexes and shared access dwellings.

We realise that while the country is not getting any bigger, the number of motorists on the roads increases every day making traffic control systems crucial.

Being able to effectively channel traffic and control its flow is increasingly important, whilst being able to stop cars from entering pedestrian areas is also a growing worry, with increased businesses and developments turning to traffic control systems such as rising bollards to help allow access to only the right vehicles.

AGD Systems can provide technical advice and quotations for Rising Kerbs, Rising Bollards, and Car Parking Systems.