Steel Estate Gates

Steel Estate Gates

Project Description: Automation to existing estate gates

Location: Northamptonshire

Client’s Brief: To provide automation to existing gates with ease of access, gates to keep livestock within estate.

Medium to high usage, safe and easy to operate.


Gate Type: Inward Swinging estate gates – by others

Material: Steel, zinc galvanised, black finish

Size: 3000mm x 1200mm approx

Posts: Steel

Automation: Underground Units

Make/Type: 1 pair FAAC 770 electro-mechanical motor units

Safety: 2no. underground detector loop detectors for safety

Access Control: Auto Entry and Exit – Fully Automatic

Power supply: Power supply by others


Northamptonshire is known as the county of Squires and Spires, many of its large country estates are still in private family ownership which is why it is difficult to find a National Trust House to visit here!

Anyway, the good news is that many of the counties houses, halls and gardens are open to the public and host regular advertised events.

There are quite number issues to consider when specifying entrance gates, not least is one of security, reliability and safety, multi user groups such residential properties and small businesses within the estate, church parishioners, staff members, special event days, control of livestock, the design style of the gates – the list goes on!

This example shows how it is possible to provide convenience of use through the day time and providing security at night.

The gates are automated by FAAC 770 heavy duty underground motor units which are very robust and reliable.

Vehicle entry and exit is granted by means of two induction loop detectors this means that traffic can freely enter and leave the estate during normal hours of business, the gates remain closed to reduce the risk of livestock wondering off should they have strayed away from an adjacent fenced area.

The loop detectors auto opening feature is linked to a pre set adjustable timer so that vehicles cannot freely enter after hours, entry can only be granted via n authorised pin number or by command from a voice intercom or by a person with an authorised hand transmitter.

AGD Systems has installed or services a number of automatic gate systems and access control equipment for a number of large estates in the region, each having its own unique set of needs to fulfil.