Customised Steel Swing Gate

Customised Steel Swing 

Project Description: Automation to gates with Access Controls – South and North Entrances to Loft Apartments

Location: Town Centre, Northampton

Client’s Brief: To provide a automation to gates supplied by others, coded access.

Medium Residential usage, safe and easy to operate.


Gate Type: Inward Swinging Bespoke gates – by others

Material: Steel, zinc galvanised, satin grey finish

Size: 4267mm x 2200mm approx

Posts: Brick archway

Automation: Surface Mounted Rams

Make/Type: 1 pair FAAC 413 electro-mechanical per entrance

Safety: One set of safe beams and an underground detector loop

Access Control: Handset Remotes, Coded Access and exit – Fully Automatic

Power supply: Power supply by others


Northampton is well known for the manufacture of high quality leather foot ware, at its peak there were many factories, not only in Northampton, but throughout the counties smaller towns such as Wellingborough, Kettering, Desborough, Rushden, making shoes for the home market and for export all around the world.

Like many other UK manufacturing industries times have changed, whilst he factory buildings remained their use has been changed into residential apartments and varying from flats, rented office spaces and luxury loft apartments.

Of course, being in the of a busy town parking spaces become a really issue, the lower floor or basements have therefore been converted to secure parking areas with the need for robust, reliable and stylish entrance gates.

Clayson Country Homes is a well known local property developer who converted quite number of old factories to suit this purpose.

The gates shown here are part of a north and south luxury loft apartment development comprising of two entrances to separate car parks.

Clayson Homes nominated Wilcox Fabrications to manufacture the bespoke gates design style with the Plaza logo – which refers to the old cinema previously located here.

The gates were automated by AGD Systems using FAAC electro mechanical operators with built in open and closed position stops, access control is via hand held remote control transmitters and entry and exit metal keypads with illuminated buttons for easy operation at night.

Safety includes photocell safety beams and underground safety induction loops, 24 volt motor version includes built in obstacle detection and force limitation to prevent crushing, the high duty cycle of 24v motors make them suitable for multi user residential sites.