Steel and Timber Installations

Take a look at this handsome installation that took place at the beginning of February 2020. 

Two of our Installation engineers, James and Ken worked on this customers private road over a period of 5 working days during which time they dug out and inserted 5 supporting steel posts, which were to support the total of 3 gates. 

These gates are steel and timber, Iroko, and range from a two leaf gate, a one leaf one and a pedestrian entrance gate which is manual.

The gates required 3 motors, which work on one intercom system and use two different sets of remote control handsets, which can be programmed to work together as required.

The customer also chose an intercom system and a keypad for PIN code entry. The intercom can be used on a smart device which means that the gate caller can be responded to from anywhere in the world and the gates can be checked and controlled using the smart device. 

The finish on the timber gates is dark oak and the paintwork on the steel gates is satin black. 

The safety mechanisms in this case are in the form of photo beams on the outside for both sets of automatic gates, on the inside for one set and an induction loop that senses a vehicle for one of the gates. 

Once the installers completed the work they carried out a handover which consists of the customer and the Installation Engineer signing a CE declaration of conformity for each party to file, and a full run through of operation instructions plus a handover of warranties and a maintenance log for the customer to keep and be able to get the maintenance carried out with ease, in the future.