School Security Gates

Approximately 75% of recorded crime in schools is opportunistic. Together with anti-social behaviour, which can manifest in many forms such as dog fouling of the playing fields and graffiti, can cause significant disruption to the successful working of a school. Most significantly fear is created amongst pupils, staff and parents who can be out of proportion to the crimes committed.

In order to teach and to learn pupils and staff must feel safe and secure. A secure perimeter is of primary importance to School Security. It will allow the effective management of most crime and anti-social behaviour problems that are anticipated.

We supply gates designed to provide the very best in security for your school. Whether the gate needs to work for pedestrians or vehicles, AGD Systems can supply both. The gates are designed to be difficult to climb in order to stop trespassing and can of course be combined with access controls such as a keypad or a swipecard system. 

AGD Systems takes a consultative safety first approach to the specification and installation of automated gates for Schools to provide a secure entrance with controlled access for vehicles and pedestrians.  Having worked in many LEA's over a number of years, Safe, robust and reliable installations have been achieved throughout. 

Understanding the importance of minimal disruptions, installations can be planned and completed outside of term time.

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We are dedicated to installing gates that create a safe environment during usage, an element that is particularly important with an application of this nature.

For further information on our range of gates that are ideal for operation on school sites, please don't hesitate in giving our professional team a call.

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