Bespoke Car Park Management Solutions

Car Parking Management

AGD Systems supply top of the range traffic control systems for use in car parks. Whether it be a small supermarket car park or a large shopping complex, we can supply equipment which makes light work of regulating car park traffic and accepting payments.

We offer a large selection of car park traffic control systems ranging from ticket dispensers and readers, external payment systems and pay & display systems to various barriers and height restrictors.

AGD Systems supplies and installs the following range of high quality barrier systems:-

PS Barcode car park system

An exceptionally easy to use car park payment system machine that is ideal for exhibition centres, hospitals, shopping centres, airports, stations and other large car parks. The PS Barcode controls user entry/exit and payment all in one.

PS Token

PS Token dispenses a user-friendly token which can be stored in pockets or wallets. Ideal for any car park, this system is suitable for both occasional users and subscribed users.

PS Easy

The PS Easy is the easiest solution for payment with coins. This machine does not give change, however it offers fast, user-friendly management. It also does not require complex logistics to install.

FAAC Range Car Parking Management

Paragon Parking System

This car park pay system is suitable for ground-level or multi-storey car parks. It helps to control access to the car park itself as well as management of entry and exit lanes, helping to control vehicle flow. Another feature is the advanced payment function. It also supplies accounting and administrative statements and allows for uodates of occupancy status in real time.

Parklite Parking System

This system is ideal for smaller pay-to-park systems and is suitable for ground-level or multi-storey car parks. It helps to control user entry and exit, ensures payment, manages vehicle presence and stores memory of information including money collected and vehicle presence.

Parklite Ticket Dispenser

This ticket dispenser is positioned at the entrance lane and manages traffic flow as well as ensuring the vehicle users have a ticket for payment.

This system dispenses tickets for use upon payment and exit.

Parklite Ticket Collector

Designed to read 22 digit codes produced by the Parklite ticket dispenser or Parklite parking system. This system would be situated on exit of the car park and ensure that those leaving have paid for their stay.