A variety of ways to effortlessly operate your gate

Access Control

There is an increasing amount of access control systems on the market to choose from, our advice, initially to consider two factors - Security and Convenience of use.

How secure you wish to make your property and how user friendly you would like it to be will help guide you in establishing a specification that will meet your individual needs and those of others visiting and leavingĀ  your property.

Control Hand Transmitters

For example a basic electric gate system can be controlled via hand held remote control transmitters. The system is set in the semi-automatic mode which requires 1 pulse to open the gates (and be left open if required), then closed by a 2nd pulse.

This type of set up is fine if there is an alternative pedestrian gate entrance i.e. to let the postman in, put the wheelie bin out, allow for deliveries and other visitors to get to the front door.

NB: Remote control handsets can be set up to work automatic garage doors from a common handset. This is achieved by adding an appropriate radio receiver to either the gate or door operator control unit.

Please contact us to discuss your options for remotes, there are new products coming onto the market all the time.

For instance, Hormann have recently introduced an ingenious and discreet remote control device that simply plugs into the cigar lighter, there is also 'Designer' polished steel key ring incorporating a transmitter device - both can operate your gates and garage doors.

AGD Systems or our sister company, The Garage Door Centre, carry stock of most makes and types of remote controls. If we don't have it in stock we can normally post them out to you within 48 hours.

Makes of remotes include:

FAAC - An Italian market leader in the world of automated doors and gates

Came - A specialist UK gate, barrier and bollards manufacturer

BFT - A UK based company specialising in gate electric motors

Hormann - A German garage door specialist who also do high quality electric operators

Garador - The Uk's leading manufacturer of garage doors, who also make operators

Marentec - A German specialist in automation and operators for doors and gates

Seip - A UK based company specialising in high quality electric operators

Code pads (or Keypads)

Code pads activate the gate system via pin number (usually four digits), these are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and use.

Most models are hardwired; however as with most things today, there are wireless versions available.

They can be flush or surface mounted.

Vandal proof versions are available - these are normally made from stainless steel plate and are very robust.

Why else have a code pad fitted?

What if you are on holiday or away from the house? Will someone else need access whilst you are away?

Rather than giving out extra remote handsets to others, have a code pad installed instead.

Intercom Systems

If the vehicle entrance gates are the only means of access to your property you may need to consider more options such as Voice only or Voice/Video Intercoms.

These allow the home owner to speak with the visitor before granting them access.

There are hardwired and wireless systems to choose from.

Video Intercoms can be specified with monochrome or colour monitors and are generally hardwired back to the dwelling.

Auto Exit - Auto Entry Access Control Systems

For the ultimate in convenience - Induction Loop Detectors with auto exit and/or auto entry can be specified.

The loop detectors are buried beneath the drive surface, when a vehicle approaches; the gates open and close automatically once the vehicle has safely passed through.

Post and other Deliveries

What about post and delivery of large items - well we can help here too. AGD systems in the UK can provide a range of letterboxes, either surface mounted or built in versions are available.

Delivery of large items whilst you are away can be accommodated by incorporating a code pad (an auxiliary pin number can be changed more frequently) or a Tradesman Entry button can be fitted (timed to give entry during certain times of the day).