Solid Oak Gates

Getting the right look for the entrance of your property can be quite a challenge!

One of clients based in a rural setting took such a challenge on with a great end result of which they are very happy with.

Key to achieving this ‘rustic’ look was selecting suitable materials that would be able to ‘weather’ whilst maintaining a good level of dimensional stability and resistance to rot.

In this particular case ex 75mm thick solid Iroko hardwood was selected for the construction of the inward swinging vehicle and pedestrian gates. Solid 10” oak was sued for the gate posts.

The gates and posts were initially treated with a base coat preservative to provide protection fungal and insect attack. Following a period of about a year of allowing the gates to weather to a silvery grey finish several coats of Sikkens light oak stain were applied, thus adding colour and increasing the level of protection against the elements.

Oak Swing Gates with matching Side Gate Custom Rustic looking Bar Gate with Curved Top