High quality aluminium swing gates with extensive design options

Aluminium Swing Gates

At AGD, we understand the importance of owning a high quality gate that doesn't require consistent ongoing maintenance, and that is why aluminium swing gates are often a desirable type of gate for many applications. Enjoy the convenience of using your electrically operated gate, whilst appreciating its high quality colour or authentic woodgrain finish.


- Low maintenance

- 10 year warranties available

- Extensive range of designs

- Woodgrain finishes available

- Excellent alternative to traditional timber gates

Whether you're looking to create a contemporary or classic appearance for your entrance, we have the perfect solution among our range of high quality, aluminium swing gates. We have seen how increasingly popular aluminium gates have become throughout the last decade due to the realistic woodgrain options available, as well as their high quality and convenience. 

Quality Aluminium Swing Gates from AGD

Design Options

Aluminium swing gates are available in a selection of colours and woodgrain embossed finishes, creating a gate that complements its surroundings whether they are modern or more traditional.

Design options are vast, with various styles available, including horizontal slats, vertical slats and differently shaped gates.

Manufacturing & Durability

Our aluminium swing gates are fabricated from extruded aluminium sections, allowing for a wide range of design styles. Every one of our gates is hand-crafted by highly skilled craftsmen, and are then pre-treated and top-coated for further protection and preventing future corrosion. Consequently, our aluminium gates require minimal maintenance, offering complete peace of mind in regards to ongoing treatment.

As a result of their low maintenance qualities, aluminium swing gates prove to be a popular and effective alternative to timber gates, especially as they can be coated with high quality woodgrain finishes, creating the authentic appearance of timber.

It is possible to specify aluminium gates with ‘built in’ motors in the gate post or gate stiles. Most of the aluminium swing gates installed by AGD Systems have been automated by FAAC 770 electro-mechanical motors or FAAC sliding gate motors.

Aluminium gates carry a 10 year warranty subject to the manufacturer’s terms and condition of sale.