A large offer of swing gates to enhance your entrance

Swing Gates

AGD systems provides a large variety of swing gates, from smaller swing gates for commercial uses right up to larger commercial gates.

We offer remote control electric swing gates in a variety of materials and design styles, all produced and installed to the highest standards.

Whilst swing gates are still one of the most popular type of gates installed in either a single or double leaf, the sliding gate system is always worth serious consideration for extra security.

All our swing gates - whether in steel, aluminium, GRP or timber - are generally manufactured as made to order designs and sizes. We do offer certain styles in standard sizes for renovation or new build installations.

We have some systems installed over 20 years ago still operating and that is what we strive for - professionally specified, installed and maintained security electric gates that last and offer reliability and peace of mind. Incorrectly specified equipment with cheap, flimsy manufactured gates will never last particular long as there are so many stresses placed on gates by the very nature of their purpose and size. Do it once, and do it right!

Take a look at one of our fantastic swing gate installations below! This is a beautiful painted timber gate for a domestic application.

Whilst Swing Gates are a popular choice, it should be noted that there are certain circumstances where they are perhaps not the best choice. The first of these are places where space is at a premium for instance, and the gate opening would severely hamper usability of the area. Another potential problem is if the gate is to be installed on a slope, where the slope may not allow the gate to fully open. In these cases a sliding gate is clearly the best option.

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