Looking for a safe, fast and elegant sliding gate?

Sliding Gates Overview

AGD Systems will manufacture sliding gates in timber, steel or aluminium for a perfect solution to access control, convenience and security. The electric motor drive for a sliding gate is simple, reliable and effective with minimal strain on components providing maximum longevity and a low maintenance solution.

There are several obvious reasons for choosing a sliding gate system over other types.

If you have limited space inside your driveway or entrance area or maybe some other obstructions then a sliding gate might be the perfect solution. However, one of the main benefits of an electric sliding gate system is the greater levels of security it provides for any property or premises.

A sliding gate will provide maximum resistance to a forced entry over and above a basic swing gate system, which has a weakness in forced entry unless additional locking is incorporated.

Attention to detail is key with a sliding gate in terms of the correct groundwork and accurate level workmanship during installation. AGD Systems have carried out many hundreds of sliding gate installations throughout the UK since 1986 and do recommend sliding gates in as many situations as possible for the benefits they provide overall for the users.

Made to Measure

All our gates are made to measure for individual needs and for sliding gates this means the correct width for maximum benefits in access and correct height for visual impact and security.

All our gates are bespoke because every single property has different factors involved, different designs for aesthetics, different sizes for driveway width and different access controls depending on the people using the gate. Whenever you install electric gates on a property and it is the primary entrance you have effectively moved your front door to the gate position and all access control and communication has to be dealt with as such at the gates.


We manufacture sliding electric gates in steel, aluminium and various timber species depending on design and size. Iroko, Idigbo and Accoya are highly recommended timber species to manufacture gates from for their beauty of colour and graining but also for stability and longevity.

Steel and aluminium gates are available in open vision designs as well as closed designs for total privacy and security.


Safety is a major concern for any electric gate system as they are effectively a large machine and when controlled by radio remote control then safety is paramount. We always ensure every single electric sliding gate is pressure tested for safety when obstructed during closing and opening. Every single gate also has a minimum of one safety device fitted whether this might be a pressure sensor on the leading edge or photo cells across the movement area. Whenever an electric gate can be operated via an impulse from a remote control system then a safety device must be in place to prevent entrapment or injury and this has to be taken seriously with sliding gates.

Even a relatively small, manually-operated sliding gate has the potential to cause injury; powered gates can be substantially more hazardous.

The safety of sliding gates is very important, hence powered gates are classed as 'machinery' and subject to The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, which came into force on 29 December 2009 to implement the new European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Designs and Styles

Sliding gates are suitable for a wide variety of applications either domestic or commercial, so it is important that the aesthetics are suitable too.

Ornate designs for private properties to functional galvanised steel palisade gate designs to match in with fencing around warehouse and factory premises, all can be achieved with a sliding gate system.

Open designs are popular and allow free air flow and vision which may be required in many applications, Close boarded timber designs or solid aluminium designs are all possible and we try to encourage a factory finish on all gates for maximum weather resistance and quality of finish.

Bi parting gates are possible and usually of equal dimensions to accommodate even larger openings or where side room might be limited.

A matching pedestrian side gate is quite often either necessary or a great further control of access to a property and the gates can be made to match the design of the main gate. Matching railings are also manufactured to keep a consistency in design, colour and material. Just ask and we can provide details of what is possible and the likely costs involved.


Very secure with all potential vulnerable points for attack made difficult to access 

Ideal for larger wider openings with almost no limit to the width

Smooth movement with less stress on moving parts during operation

Less maintenance and greater operational lifespan


A ‘run off’ is required for the opening cycle requiring the width of the gate on one straight side

The guide track might occasionally be an issue for very small wheels crossing

Not many other disadvantages we can think of……


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