Automatic 5 Bar Curved Heel 5 Bar Gate

Automatic 5 Bar Curved Heel 5 Bar Gate

Project Description: Automatic Curved Heel 5 Bar Gates x 2no.

Location: Morton Morrell, Warwickshire

Client’s Brief: To provide a new boundary gates – double entrance

Gates to be sturdy, easy to operate and be in keeping with the village location. Also, garage door and 3 no. pedestrian gates


Gate Type: Inward Swinging curved heel 5 Bar gate(s)

Material: Solid Iroko - light oak stained

Size: Vehicle Gates 12’ x 4’ approx,

Posts: Stone Piers - reinforced

Automation: Rear Surface Mounted Ram with MagLock

Make/Type: FAAC 415LS Electro-mechanical with limit switches

Safety: One set of safe beams and an underground detector loop

Access Control: Wireless Intercom/codepad, Remote Control Handsets to work both gates and automatic garage door

Power supply: Power supply to both entrances by client’s contractor


If you are looking for that classic rural feel there is no better than the curved heel 5 bar gate, also referred to as a raised helve or Suffolk Style gate.

This gate was commissioned alongside a matching colour automatic garage door, pedestrian side gate and a larger pair of wooden manual access gates. A later edition was a second exit gate.

The gates are traditionally constructed from Iroko hardwood with a fully stained finish. The gates were hung from specially reinforced stone piers.

Automation installed is the FAAC 415 electro mechanical surface mounted operator arm with a security electro mag-lock fitted to the slam post which prevents the gate from being forced open and damaging the operator.

The gates are operated via hand held transmitters which are set up the work the garage doors from a different button on the remote handset.

Visitors are catered for by the wireless RF intercom and built-in key pad. When a visitor presses the intercom button the cordless rechargeable phoneset in the house rings, the house holder presses the large red button to answer the caller, to open the gate the house holder simply presses the gate open button.

Safety equipment installed is photocell beams and underground induction safety loop detectors.

Once the client gained planning approval we came along and installed a duplicate gate system thus providing an in and out gate entrance to the property.