Gard Barriers Installation

Client’s Brief: Install of gard barriers with intercom for access to site

AGD Specification

Product Type: 2 Came Gard 8 barriers 

Automation: Raising barriers linked together to open in unison

Make/Type: Came Gard 8

Safety: 2 photocells either side of the barriers 

Access Control: Remote control, keypad and GSM intercom


These two Came Gard 8 barriers have been installed by the team so access can be regulated and granted at this site.

The barriers feature boom lights and skirts to stop pedestrians stooping under the beam, and are linked together so that both barriers will always raise together.

For additional safety, two photo cells are located on either side of the barriers for pedestrians, should they not stick to the designated walkways. 

The GSM intercom has been set to call a dedicated mobile number, with the ability to divert to an alternative number if not answered.