5 Bar Diamond Braced

Project Description: Automated Diamond Braced 5 Bar Gate with Pedestrian Gate

Location: Bedfordshire

Client’s Brief: To provide a new boundary gate with vehicle and pedestrian access.

Gates have to be sturdy, easy to operate and be in keeping with the village location.


Gate Type: Inward Swinging diamond braced 5 Bar gate(s)

Material: Solid European Oak, medium oak stained

Size: Vehicle Gate 12’ x 4’, Pedestrian gate 3’ x 4’

Posts: 8” x 8” Solid Oak

Automation: Rear Surface Mounted Ram with Maglock

Make/Type: FAAC 415LS Electro-mechanical with limit switches

Safety: One set of safe beams and an underground detector loop

Access Control: Remote Control Handsets – Semi Automatic

Power supply: Control box and power supply taken from garage



When we arrived for the survey we were greeted by a lovely old existing manual farm gate that had admittedly seen better days! Still, it was exactly the style of gate for the village location.

Like other wooden gates which have been left unmaintained or serviced regularly there comes a time when mother nature takes its toll, once a gate is difficult to open and close there is a tendency to just leave the gate in the open position, which defeats the object of having a gate in the first place.

Our brief was to install a replacement gate in the same style but made from European Oak, fully finished in a medium oak stain with a matching pedestrian gate to allow the postman and other visitor’s free access.

The 12’ vehicle gate was to be automated to allow it to be open and closed conveniently by remote control handsets (or transmitters). Having a working gate would stop other vehicle users from using the driveway as a ‘turning area’ or looking for a ‘cut through’ to the houses behind.

Because the single leaf was over 2.5m we installed a security mag-lock in line with manufacturer’s guidelines, this not only gave greater security but also prevented the risk of the operator being forced and damaged.

This project was taken on as a ‘turn-key’ solution – meaning that all civil works, power supply, gates and automation requirements were undertaken by AGD – we even arranged for part over the boundary fencing to be replaced.

The overview result was greatly appreciated and the system still works reliably after 3-4 years from originally being installed.