Commercial Steel Gates

Steel Automatic Commercial Gates

AGD Systems have supplied and installed bespoke automatic steel gates for commercial security and access control for over 33 years. Every gate is bespoke in size and specification to suit the ap-plication and environment. Safety and compliance with newer UK regulations on automatic gates are always our priority and all our automatic steel gates have at least one, and usually multiple safety systems incorporated to ensure complete safety during operation, tailored to suit the environment they are used in.

Steel is an ideal material for manufacturing commercial security gates. It is very strong, durable in all weathers and temperatures, and can be cut, welded and manipulated into many designs and styles to suit the application and size required. AGD Systems have installed hundreds of steel com-mercial gates over the last 33 plus years and many will still be in full operation today.

Controlling vehicles and people coming in and out of your commercial premises is not only for secu-rity but also for keeping control of personnel numbers and identification of individuals on site for health and safety and fire regulation purposes.

Hot dipped galvanised steel is the normal process and although steel can be bent and welded into all sorts of shapes, some serious consideration does have to be given to safety, which is why most steel gates you see will have vertical bars which are at a maximum distance apart to avoid potential en-trapment, but also vertical to prevent climbing and provide the best security.

Some confusion occurs with the liberal use of the phrase’ wrought iron’ white often but wrought iron is not generally used in modern day construction as it is expensive and not ideal on large sizes or spans, as used in larger commercial gates.

Automating steel gates is far easier than many other materials because it has the least flexing and movement in temperature changes. Integration with other components is also far easier with welding and bolting to make the gate mechanics work effectively and provide a more harmonious final product.

We can offer steel gates in sliding, cantilever and hinged swing operation. Swing type (hinged) gates will have the most limitations on width, at about 6 metres wide per leaf maximum to be safe and effective. A sliding or cantilever gate will almost have no limits on the width, and is probably always more suited to commercial applications on most factories, warehouses and storage facilities where the entrance needs to be large to accommodate large vehicle movement.

Steel gates are best installed with steel support posts either side which can be a perfect product and material to continue any perimeter security with steel fencing or palisade systems. Many steel gates will actually be manufactured to be the same design as palisade fencing and this is a cost effective design by comparison to others.

The width and height of any gate should determine the diameter of any bars used in the construc-tion as well as the automation equipment used. The heavier the gate the more power is required to move it, especially for hinged swing gates. it is ideal with an open design steel gate that the wind factor is not so critical as it is with a solid gate where wind pressures can be a massive issue on ex-posed sites. Again, sliding gates probably win over every time for their ease of use and stability at very large sizes with usually only one motor drive required, easier to maintain over the years and half the price of a pair of hydraulic piston drives for a pair of swing gates.

We like to always use solid steel bars for any gate, subject to weight restrictions rather than hollow bars which can potentially be easily cut or bent.

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