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Remote Control Gates

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We supply a wide range of remote control swing and sliding gates.

Click here to view our range of Remote Control Gates.




AGD (Automatic Gate and Door) Systems are one of the UK’s leading Automatic Remote Control Gate and Garage Door Installers, specialising in the medium to high quality end of the market. Most of the automatic gate and door systems we have installed since 1986 have been totally bespoke and designed to the clients exact requirements. Our belief is simple and this is to do it once and do it right!
AGD Systems supply high quality remote control swing gates in different materials, including wood, Aluminium and Steel. Our selection of remote control swing gates are below - To find out more please click the selections below.

Remote Control Wooden Swing Gates,

Remote Control Aluminium Swing Gates

Remote Control Steel Swing Gates

Remote Control Sliding Gates

Remote Control Sliding Gate

Our standard and bespoke remote control steel sliding gates are manufactured to the highest standards by an established local gate fabricator who fully understand the desgn requirements for automatic gates. The gates are usually receive a satin black  top coat finish, special colours are available upon request - please specify the apprpriate RAL colour or BS reference.
Our remote control sliding gates are the ideal solution for your property or your business and can be designed in a variety of designs, materials and colours.

For more information on our selection of remote control sliding gates click here.

Remote Control Timber Gates

Remote Control Timber Swing Gate Remote Control Sliding Timber Gate

Wooden remote control sliding gates not only look great but also provide a practical solution for restricted parking areas or where the driveway slopes thus preventing swing gates from opening inwards.Wooden sliding gates can meet several other criteria including privacy and increased security whilst being less vunerable to wind loading situations.Our remore control timber sliding gates gates range is manufactured to the highest standard by skilled craftsmen using traditional hand made construction methods in a variety of colors, materials and designs.

Finish Treatment We include 2 to 3 coats of good quality finish stain such as Sikkens or Sadolin.Colours available include Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Burma Teak, African Walnut, Jacobean Walnut, Dark Palisander and Ebony.It is also possible to apply oil such as Osmo clear oil, Danish or Teak Oil, please bear in mind that oiled finishes may require regular applications if a high quality finish is to be maintained.

For more information on our remote control timber gates click here

Remote Control Steel Gates

Steel Swing Gate Steel Sliding Gate

Traditionally referred to as Wrought Iron gates, most modern gates are in fact made from Steel and occasionally from Cast Iron.Our remote control swing and sliding steel gates are beautiful crafted and once fully welded and assembled we hot dip galvanized to ensure against future corrosion, which should give you total peace of mind when comes to on going maintenance. Our  steel gates can be installed as 'Stand Alone' (to stand alone steel posts) or to Stone or brick piers with built-in steel reinforcements (RHS or RSJ steels). There are still a few small forges skilled in the art of crafting old style wrought iron gate designs, AGD can assist you in specifying gates suitable for adding our automation kits and access controls.

For more information on our remote control steel gates Click here

Remote Control Aluminium Gates

Remote Control Aluminium Swing Gate Remote Control Sliding Aluminium Gates

Aluminium remote control swing gates are a relatively new option and are proving to be a real choice for those looking to create a contemporary look to their entrance.Aluminium gates provide a low maintenance alternative to timber as they can be specified with a wide range of powder coated and high quality wood grain embossed finishes.
Aluminium remote control gates carry a 10 year warranty subject to the manufacturers terms and condition of sale.
It is possible to specify aluminium gates with ‘built in’ motors in the gate post or gate stiles.
Most of the aluminium swing gates installed by AGD Systems have been automated by FAAC 770 electro-mechanical motors.

For more information on our remote control aluminium gates Click here or call one of our friendly customer service representatives on 01933 229123.

Visit our online store and view our wide range of remote control gates. AGD systems provide full maintainance and repair services to our customers, visit our online store today or contact us for more information.