- Low maintenance alternative to timber gates 

- Neat, contemporary appearance

- High quality construction for great durability 

- Both modern and traditional designs available

- Range of standard colours and woodgrain finishes

After being introduced to AGD's quality range several years ago, aluminium sliding gates have proved to be an overall success for various applications, always creating a contemporary appearance for every entrance. Their sliding mechanism and durable construction often make these a desirable alternative when in comparison to other gate types available.

Aluminium Sliding Gates

Convenient Solution

The side sliding mechanism is a convenient alternative to traditional swing gates where parking space may be restricted, or where a sloping driveway doesn't allow for smooth operation.

As with steel sliders, aluminium sliders can be either tracked or cantilever, and it is also possible to specify aluminium sliding gates as single or double leaf sliders.

Style Options

Aluminium sliding gates continue to rise in popularity throughout the UK for endless reasons, a significant one being the array of style options available; with the possibility to replicate numerous gate styles, they are able to complement various styles of brick and property.

As well as a great selection of colours available, aluminium gates can also be specified with a wide range of powder coated and high quality woodgrain embossed finishes.

Durable, High Quality Alternative

Aluminium gates provide a low maintenance alternative to timber; they can even be manufactured to replicate the appearance of timber with the high quality woodgrain finishes available. Whereas timber gates require relatively high maintenance, aluminium gates offer design opportunities  to achieve a similar aesthetic, with minimal upkeep required. In terms of style, aluminium gates are some of the most diverse, covering a huge variety of different styles and designs.

Aluminium sliding gate systems installed by AGD Systems have been automated by either FAAC 746 or 844 sliding gates motors, alternatively we have employed Came Practico BX/BK motors with the radio release manual override system.